The Mayor of Paris… Madam Hidalgo….

July 22, 2017

Yep….she is a Jew of course…..Do Jews control France?…..of course they do.The elite has loads of Hidalgo’s.

Not so surprising then that the Jews used French Mirage Jets to fight their wars in the seventies.Then switched over to free jets from America once their hold over Americans was firmly established….hey!…they gotta have payback for murdering the Kennedy brothers!.

Then there’s the free submarines stolen from Germany…loads of them.Now fully equipped with nuclear weapons of course.Is Merkel a crypto Jew?….of course she is……she is as Jewish as the Aldi supermarket chain or Addidas sports clothing conglomerate.

Lasher Darkmoon yet another Jewish fake from the alternative media.

July 22, 2017

Darkloon is a regular on the “” website….along with the Jewish barking mad Les visible and the Jewish Henry Mckow “Christian”…..and the non Jewish Jew Israeli Gilad Atzmon.

There is a pattern here….Thetruthseeker website runs Jews opposed to Jews…..(“let kindly Jews run your opposition to Jews for you”)

The Truthseeker runs a fair amount of DISinformation… you would expect from a website run by a Jew.

As quite a number of people have already stated…MOST of the alternative media is run by the Jews.This situation is designed so Global Jewry can continue to control the narrative.The most glaring example of this is Alex Bagel Jones….his “alternative news”‘ is fake of course….Jones is a full blown 101% kike….on the plus side he would make a good candidate for Jewish soap production….and blubber guts Jones is getting fatter the richer he gets.

Lasher Darkloon MAY be run by one of the proliferating number Intel agencies….perhaps used to gather info on who accesses the website.So keep in mind this stuff if you access Darkloons website…….”Richard”…….silly twat.

The intriguing thing is Darkloon remains anonymous…..for good reason no doubt…..a photo would reveal that she is a Red Sea Pedestrian….and that just wouldn’t do,now would it.

Max Hastings….The Zio-establishments court historian…goes into propaganda mode reviewing new Dunkirk film.

July 22, 2017

NOTE;Hastings is a crypto Jew and therefore unreliable…..He will always put a spin on history….

The film Dunkirk MAY have been made with a view to influencing current events…..That is the jewish/freemasons could well be lining up another massive conflict on the European mainland while they direct things from the island fortress of Britain.

Any nation with any self respect would rise up to stop THE CURRENT INVASION TAKING PLACE….organised by the same people who brought you WW2….The invasion of the third world.Let’s hope an enterprising German puts a bullet through frau Merkel….The British are too duped to do the same to May.

Keep in mind that a further world war has been long planned….this will provide the cover for the Jews in Israel to invade neighbouring countries which have been softened up for invasion by decades of war.

It is just possible that a call for war on the European mainland may meet resistance from the populace….and could backfire with the Rothschilds caught before they could flee the country.Once that happens the repatriation of invaders could begin.Naturally the Jews hold over the British Secret Police MI5 could be be removed.

Spicer resigns as White House press secretary…..

July 21, 2017

Spicer is a Jew….

He has been replaced by Scaramucci….who is ALSO A JEW.

Do Jews control the Whitehouse??….stupid question they OWN IT……from top to bottom.Government offices in Washington are said to empty out on Jewish religious holidays.

How do Jews manage it??.Easy…via their extensive and often secret networks non Jews are excluded from jobs on the basis of their race.Most of the “exclusion” is based around making sure Europeans do not get to work in the US Govt……they could prove to be a problem and competition for Jews.

Jews are extremely race conscious…and the situation in Washington relies on their racism not being immediately apparent…..hence the term crypto Jew….it works well because most Americans would assume that Spicer and Scaramucci are Whites….they seem to think the oaf Trump is a “white”…..wrong on that one….and guess what, the NEXT president will ALSO be a crypto Jew.

Guardian condemns Nasty Nastasie the Romanian tennis champ for pre-racism.

July 21, 2017

You used to get this sort of thing when the Jews were in control of Russia.(they still are via the Jewish oligarchs)

Enemies of the state making non ideological statements….some of them were sent to the gulags,some even confined to lunatic asylums.

“Nasty” pondered what colour the offspring of Serena Williams and the Armenian origin crypto Jew Ohanian…would be.He suggested chocolate coloured….

A harmless statement which got him banned from attending certain tennis tournaments…for two years.That’s not to say his lecherous handling of a number of women at tennis matches did not play a role in his banishment.

Of course racism against an unborn baby….by wondering what colour it would be….is a total farce.

This marriage between the Jew (who people will assume is European) and Serena Williams may have an underlying objective….since Serena Williams ain’t no oil painting.Rather like the Facebook Jew marrying a Chinese…..and Murdoch marrying Wendy Ding Dong Ping.This will all be to do with the Jews setting up shop in China and creating a crypto Jewish elite in that country…like they have done in the West……China may be a tougher but to crack…..First the Jews have to intermarry with Chinese and,following successive marriages gradually take on the appearance of Chinese.The Jews are already players in banking in China…next theyll move onto the Chinese media….infact they have probably already made inroads here.(crypto Jews are ALREADY noticeable in the Indian media….but it is not one hundred percent Jewish like Hollywood)

Identifying Chinese crypto Jews will be difficult because of their primitive hieroglyphic type written language.The Chinese COULD represent the word Jew with a dollar sign combined with a rubber cosh representing criminality.The Sassoons gave the Chinese an early lesson on Jews….

The Jewish Guardian again omits crucial detail.

July 21, 2017

This article is condemning enterprising Italians who used crowd funding to hire a boat to intercept invaders crossing to Italy from Africa (In essence private citizens in Italy are having to defend their country themselves BECAUSE THE ELITE WONT DO IT….infact the elite uses its power TO ASSIST THE INVASION!!.)

A mayor in Sicily (Bianco) is attempting to thwart the private citizens plans…..

This mayor is very likely to be a crypto Jew…..because NO genuine Catholic mayor in Italy would willingly invite in Muslim invaders.(keep in mind the Argentinian pope is a Marrano)

Jews in Sicily have a long history…although the mafia is described in the American media as Italian mafia…infact the most powerful mafia/organised crime gangs were Jewish….many originally from Sicily.

Today the American mafia has been “refreshed” by new mafia on the block…Russian….Russian Jews that is…and they are utterly ruthless….almost subhuman in nature…Just the sort of immigrants America needs right now….NOT.But keep in mind America does have a Jewish president right now…TRUMP.

Of course the Guardian would never mention the ethnicity of this mayor.The Guardian calls the Italians who hired the boat…”right-wing”.Infact the Guardian labels every one as right wing if they have the temerity to want to control the borders of THEIR country.

Sir David Clementi BBC Chairman

July 21, 2017

Sir David Clementi is OF COURSE a crypto Jew….

There are perhaps hundreds of crypto Jews like Clementi who form the ruling class in London.

A quick check on the net reveals Clementi is a common enough Jewish name.

You probably never guess that Clementi is a Jew unless you had taken an advance course in spotting crypto Jews.(he was once employed at the bank of England….another good indicator)

It is the likes of Jews such as Clementi who are systematically and deliberately breaking down Britain’s identity via mass alien immigration….selling the destruction via constant promotion of it via the media….WHICH JEWS ALSO CONTROL…

It is sort of mass brainwashing…persuading people in Britain to voluntarily destroy their own identity….while in the other hand promoting minorities identity.Thus you get the Jewish ruling class allowing a giant mosque to be built in central London and facilitating the election of a Muslim mayor of London.(There has not been a native English mayor of London FOR DECADES….The ones like Livingstone and Johnson are crypto Jews like Clementi.

Do Jews control the BBC?…..of course they do….and the control is achieved by a racist employment policy favouring Jews and discriminating AGAINST Anglo Saxons.

Penelope Cruz…movie star

July 21, 2017

Penelope Cruz is very likely to be a genuine Spanish Marrano….

But unlike the US….The Spanish have a long history of occupation by Jews.The Spanish language has many words referring to Jews who disguise their identity….

So it’s absolutely vital that Cruz keeps a lid on her REAL ethnicity…The Spanish are a little too wise to the Jews tricks and turns,just like the Polish.

The British are due for a realisation that their country has been fucked over by the Jews….but by the time they figure it out….third world immigration will actually destroy what it means to be British.

Incidently the Spanish civil war appears to be another Jewish organised war….running both sides.The financial Jews in London financing one side while the communist Jews in the USSR the other….Spain’s gold reserves were stolen lock stock and barrel….probably by Stalin.(a crypto Jew Georgian)

Expect Cruz to pull an “anti-Semitic” style stunt similar to Mel Gibson….to “prove” her non Jew credentials.

British govt votes to speed up approach to civil war in Britain

July 21, 2017

The Jewish controlled British govt is going to continue to allow uncontrolled immigration into Britain for another five years….completely frustrating the will of the people who voted to leave the EU FOR PRECISELY THIS REASON…IMMIGRATION……AND they know very well WHY people voted to leave!.

If Britain is to survive as a country then the army is going to have to step in soon and CLEAR the trough feeders out.First they should note the CRYPTO Jews in the upper ranks of the armed forces otherwise they will get nowhere.

Then they will have to do the same with the British Secret Police…..MI5.

The Windsors will have to be sent packing too and replaced by a branch of the aristocracy that has not been infiltrated.

None of this is likely to happen….anytime soon….so the hooked nosed May will continue as usual….The coup de gras will be the Windsor who is intending to marry a bow legged American actress….which will be celebrated by the Guardian and Mail…two sides of the same coin..


Americans first move after the overthrow of Jewish race based minority rule.

July 20, 2017

There are a lot of issues confronting Americans today from the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve which is not Federal to crypto Jewish Army Generals like Petraeus and Mad Dog Mattis who are getting Americans killed and maimed fighting Israel’s wars.

But there is an even more pressing problem….Jewish controlled television which is turning Americans into barking mad idiots.

Thus the new revolutionary US Govt will take immediate steps to place Ellen Degenerate under close arrest…and in a straight jacket…..The jewess is simply too much of a threat to the well being of Americans to remain at liberty.

For confirmation of this insidious threat tune into her tv show Ellen.Like the moronic Jew Jimmy Felon,Ellen has a tame Negro/s on the sideline…..

Note the audience… Americans turned into infantile screaming clapping and cheering MORONS…is it any wonder their political system has been turned into a Jewish run farce.

So what is to be done about the lesbian jewess Ellen.Obviously she would be offered counselling to De-lesbianise her…failing that….sorry this may seem tough….but it’s the old favourite…a trip to the nearest Palmolive soap factory.

“Ellen’s Soap Factory” has a certain ring to it….you can imagine a lot of Americans dropping down to the nearest BodyShop to pick up a pack.

Alternatively Ellen could be placed in a troop transporter and parachuted into Israel….to give the racists a taste of their own medicine….