Leader of German AFD Party leaves and goes independent??!.

September 25, 2017

What is going on here…at the very least this behaviour is suspicious….NO leader resigns as soon as gaining office.

This MAY be an attempt to destabilise the Party….which in turn means this woman is an agent of the state or quite possibly a crypto Jew.

What Germans have to be absolutely certain about is resisting ANY effort to use the German military  to fight banker wars…

The objective may be to get Germany entangled in a war with Russia…..as the Jews are currently attempting to do with America….Keep in mind that CRYPTO JEWS infest the top levels of the American military….like Mattis for example.


Daily Mail…most people are figuring out they have an agenda….

September 25, 2017

One of the things the Daily Mail likes to do is persecute modern day thought criminals…..that is people who hold views that are not in accord with the elites policies of destroying European identity.

All this is not so very different from what happened to people in the Iron Curtain countries who were against communism.

The latest example is a stewardess on a British Airways flight travelling to Nigeria.She criticised Nigerians on a private video.The article went on to describe her as “blonde”.What has her hair colour got to do with anything?.

The Jews at the Mail wanted the readers to help identify her….this sort of thing is just downright criminal…because it would leave the air hostess open to persecution from the public.

What fucking right has the Mail to do this….at the very least,this sort of thing is grossly irresponsible.

Bloggers could respond by putting up the home addresses of Daily Mail “journalists”…..see how they like a taste of their own medicine.

Incidently….according to Private Eye magazine….the crooked editor of the rag had his holiday home wrecked in The British Virgin Islands via the hurricane…The Mail then ran a story about how the British govt was not doing anything to help….very quickly the British govt started pouring in aid to the islands!!…..

It is time the Mail got “payback” every time they target people expressing politically incorrect views.

New Zealand ….the country which rips off average people.

September 25, 2017

Here’s the latest blatant example.Australian banks have been forced to stop ripping off their customers by charging ATM fees….

The cunts running the banks have been FORCED BY PUBLIC PRESSURE.

So what happens in NZ?…..well NZers are too occupied with identity issues to be unified enough to pressure corporate criminals….RESULT….the scum running the banks KEEP RIPPING OFF ALL NZERS…..and have the audacity to offer up all sorts of pathetic excuses as to why NZers are ripped off.

New Zealand even has an anti monopoly board…..meantime in the real world Fronterra is a GIANT monopoly which RIPS OFF NEW ZEALANDERS ON ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS……AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT!!.

Not only are NZers consumer rights not protected….neither are their rights protecting civil liberties….

This stuff has been going on now for thirty years…..

Then there is the NZ Media who are in the elites pockets.

Mike Hosking the IMBECILE on TV1 is the elites POODLE…whom most tv viewers loath…..he should be got shot of….but no,he remains on TV with his special flavour of idiocy…..for obvious reasons.

Fronterra’$ CEO is paid $8,300,000….OK

September 25, 2017

Now look at the price of butter YOU PAY at your local supermarket….

It is probably THE HIGHEST AMOUNT paid in any developed country.(taking into account NZs low wage economy)

This Dutchman is ripping off NZers…He will be a Freemason…you can bet on it.

And NZers believed the bullshit from English during the election……English is a multimillionaire…..Incidently.

Wages are going to continue to stagnate….as the crypto Jewish elite continue to flood NZ with virtually illiterate immigrants from around the world…..lowering the wage rates.

These criminals in parliament have been at it for 30 years now and it does not look like anything is going to change.

They are selling off the future of NZ to make massive profits today.

Want to know why there are so many Catholics and Jews at the top…..?.They are cooperating,that’s why.

According to my information….I was put in my current flat in order that I could be kept under observation….this stuff involved the police….Is NZ a police state….of course it is…just like Britain.

Imagine it…..the police having a hand in terrorising me with gunshots from Catholic thugs…..just the sort of thing found in South American countries.

The Dutch CEO of Fronterra is PROBABLY A CRYPTO JEW.

Top crypto Jews in Germany re-elected….???!

September 24, 2017

Germans have put the crypto Jews  Merkel and Martstein Schultz back into power??!!….ARE GERMANS MAD?.

That said they have voted in a party that is against the destruction of Germany (afd)…..but they have got a small percentage of the vote.

Unless the voting in Germany has been fixed….which is a distinct possibility…

To understand what is going on here…first GERMANS have to learn about CRYPTO Jews….The fifteenth century Spanish eventually sussed it out….hence the variety of names they had for crypto jews.

Germans also had better be aware that the afd party will have crypto Jews within it.Depending on the circumstances they will probably promote violence and upheaval….and lead the opposition to Merkel…..that is running both sides…..

You can see something of this strategy in America today….at the last US election it was Clinton (Jew) vs Trump (Jew)….Some people may note that Trumps daughter is married to a Zionist jew…..The daughter is described as having converted to Judaism in order to marry the Jew….pure NONSENSE since she was ALREADY Jewish.

So Germans are going to have to be on full alert…..for example anyone promoting conflict with Russia…or the use of German troops outside German territory.etc etc.

Keep in mind the long term objective…to start a third world war.

New Greens MP….Chloe Swarbrick…

September 24, 2017

Yup…..She is Jewish…..which is not at all surprising since there is a considerable Jewish presence in this party….ditto in the Australian and German Greens….It is,after all a Marxist party hiding behind concerns for the environment.The leader of the Party,SHAW….is a crypto Jew.

“The Monument men” another Jewish propaganda movie

September 24, 2017

The Jews of Hollywood have produced dozens of these war movies….The common feature of all of them is Jews are innocent sufferers…..

When Madeline Albright a jewess who at one time told people she was a Catholic…..said…..”it was worth it”…that is the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians….does this sound like something an innocent long suffering person would say….of course not.Once people understand that Jews hide their ethnicity and that most of the leaders of Western Countries are ACTUALLY CRYPTO JEWS….then the jig will be up.

Crypto Jews like….Trump,May,Macron and Merkel just for example.

ALL the actors in this movie are Jews….this situation has come about via racist Jewish employment policies in Hollywood….yes!….Jews are racists.

Chalk up another fudgepacker for parliaments homosexual cabal

September 24, 2017

The Jewish owned Auckland Herald gleefully announced that “Tamaki Coffey” is another gay for parliament”

The number of fudgepackers in parliament way exceeds that found in the overall population…..and if these gays do as they usually do…that is get involved in sordid scandals….they can rely on the media not to report it.

If any MP whether current or past ever deserved the title CUNT….Richard Prebble is it…..this nutter played a vital role in the theft of government owned assets and their transfer into the hands of the oligarchy.The disgusting little midget was doing the rounds on election night.


Media wrap up on election…by Jews…of course.

September 23, 2017

Greg Boyed,Corrin Dann and Jessica Mutch…..ALL OF THEM ARE CRYPTO JEWS AND ALL OF THEM ARE ARROGANT MOFO’s…….These Jews actively discriminate against Europeans in NZ……

NZers will eventually get it….but it will be a few more years before that happens….

“Diplomatic Protection Squad” WTF?!.

September 23, 2017

This squad of henchmen ,thugs and scoundrels were in evidence on election night….

WHY?…..MPs have nothing to do with the diplomatic representatives in NZ….MPs are just a bunch of cunts on the make….

The good news is….MPs are going to come under increasing pressure….and some of  ’em are going to get a good bashing…..HURRAH!….for betraying ordinary NZers.

Someone told me I was put in my current flat in order to be kept under observation…..via influence exerted by the police…..which is police state sort of stuff.

What’s the problem exactly…..?.The “problem” is Jewish Power…..which infiltrates every nook and cranny but endeavours to remain invisible.

“Diplomatic Protection Squad”….meaning The Police and intelligence services protecting MPs…..so,come to think of it,it sounds better to say “DPS”…..after all,in a properly functioning democracy the need for thugs like this lot would be minimal….HOWEVER in an oligarchy “THUGS” is EXACTLY what you would expect.