More bang for your buck…..

October 21, 2017

Circa late-ish 1980’s……I got a train down to Bordeaux,France…..from pommieland…..around the time the Frogs were harvesting grapes….then got a small commuter train to the main “wine village”…..a picturesque sort of a place….

Trouble is it did not have le Camping Ground so getting to the nearest one involved a helluva trek…..I decided to try hitching……along comes a guy in a Citroen 2CV….he wasn’t French either …he was a pom?!.

In hindsight ,today I would say he was probably part of the Jewish network.But hold on….he did give me a lift to the camping ground….Well sometime during the dead of night there was a huge bang!!.Of course at the time I was completely mystified as to the cause of it….Then there was the weird prick in the Bordeaux Youth Hostel who made some mention of “Aryans”….a pom he was too.

Speaking of loud bangs in the Middle of the night….somewhere on this blog I have mentioned the stark raving mad jew in Jerusalem….his relative in the Negev desert area had suggested I stay at his house……to save money on accommodation…..oh,around 4am in the morning I was awoken by a series of gunshots coming from within the house!!!…..WTF??!.

It was a traditional Jewish welcome after the fiends had checked back to NZ to their fiends in New Zealand….the ZIO network in other words.

Jews seem to like to keep their targets close at hand…..while pretending to help them……at the same time attempting to harm them…..strategies like these have no doubt evolved over the centuries……..

So…..the “weird” bang while in a tent in the centre of the grape growing region of Bordeaux….was not weird at all,nor was it some coincidence either.The Jews really are a bunch of fiends though….they always get found out in the end… would be probably be sensible to nuke Israel BEFORE the fanatics do the same to democracies….some of the madmen have already stated they would!!.

It would be a few years later that the fiends pulled their “bang routine” again BUT by this time I was far better informed about the REALITY of Jews….nothing like the media version…that is the eternal victims….more like a venomous brood of vipers….and dangerous.(note…according to newspaper reports a kosher Jew in London is being charged for his special “dietary consideration$” while in prison…..the govt figures he can pay for it himself……from his large fortune….amassed via hard work and enterprise …….cocaine drug running)


Nothing escapes the Jews PC ideology….

October 21, 2017

Well they destroyed Russia post 1917 now it’s the Wests turn….the PC agenda infiltrates EVERYTHING…..just as communists ideology infected the USSR.

Infact Political Correctness is really just zio-communism in disguise….

The latest absurdity inflicted on Australia by the Jews (remember MOST Jews in the Australian government keep their ethnicity well hidden)…is the new Australian Rugby Union team shirt featuring supposed Aboriginal designs.They’ll be after the Australian flag next.Keep in mind John Key the Jewish financier and former PM of NZ has ALREADY tried this one on in NZ.

Ireland is getting the same Jewish stuff too of course.Obviously Jews control Irish Television,just as they control all of (at least) Western Europe’s tv stations.In the tv programme “100 ways to kill your Mammy”…..A Jew takes his “Mammy” on adventures.A new “twist” has been added by the Jews….two further “mammys” have been added to the mix… African and a Chinese….THERE IS NOT A NATIVE IRISH CITIZEN IN SIGHT….

This tv programme is absolutely typical of how the Jews blanket the Wests media with their PC ideology….all at expense of the majority population….which only benefits the Jews… usual.

In the Guardians (An entirely jewish owned and operated propaganda rag) write up of the latest All Black vs Australia rugby match……comments were allowed (on any article relating to Jews,comments are generally NOT allowed because the Jewish censors have to excise so many comments!!)

Rather than confine their comments to the actual rugby match….many of the Guardians readers made reference to the new shirt…..some of them even went as far as to suggest this was the reason the Wallabies won!…which demonstrates what utter fucking idiotic wankers they are.The fervour of some of these PC “believers” definitely has some religious overtones…..

Trumpstein to release JFK papers

October 21, 2017

Well actually they were due to be released anyway….but it makes good headlines.

One thing you can be sure of….any mention of an Israeli connection will have been removed already…..and Trumpsteins son in law will be pleased about that since he is an Israeli agent who puts the Jews interests first.

Here’s the facts about Kennedy’s assassination……FIRST….don’t forget that Robert Kennedy was ALSO assassinated….if you want evidence that a conspiracy took place….here it is.And the Jews went the whole hog on this one….they went for the double whammy……They got rid of the next US president (Robert Kennedy would have been a certainty for the job) PLUS…they were able to smear a Palestinian as the culprit……great publicity for the Jews in Israel!!.

The Jews were able to install LBJ as the next president…..which is what it was really about.

Like Jerry Hall the crypto Jew model and Texan….LBJ was DEFINITELY a crypto Jew.(keep in mind that for historical reasons…..there are a disproportionate number of crypto Jews living in the American South West…..)

So Trump will not really be releasing the real story of the Kennedy assassination…..not by a long shot.

Interestingly McCain the fake war hero has a connection to all this stuff via his father Admiral McCain….It was thanks to HIM that a massive cover up of the attack on the USS Liberty was able to take place…..along with Johnson of course……

Not until the overthrow of the Jews minority rule of America has taken place will there EVER be a truthful account of what took place on 9/11…..however over sixty percent of Americans don’t believe the official story…..Let’s hope the same sixty percent are not fooled by this BS about the JFK papers being released…..gimme a fuckin’ break will ya!!….Washington is built on a foundation of lies….hence the term “swamp”.

“Someone” is contacting websites I have been reading….

October 20, 2017

I suspect that the Jewish controlled Dutch secret police have been at work….but not only them.Also the British equivalent and also possibly the Swiss version of the same.

Part of the reason for this will be to ingratiate themselves with each other….that is passing worthless information on… show goodwill in case a favour has to be asked of them in the future….

One website was even closed down altogether and any record of it expunged from the internet!!!.

It’s all bullshit of course….total bullshit and demonstrates just how these scurrilous bullshit bastards operate….

I won’t mention the travel websites in question because that will only encourage the bastards…..

It’s all about total surveillance….which is “improving” in leaps and bounds.

Ask yourself WHY!!! Assange has to hole up in an embassy building in order to remain free in a democracy!!….where free speech is guaranteed….but the Jewish occupied govts of Britain and the USA want to determine what constitutes free speech…..

Tyranny marches on……and electing Jews like Trump and May is only going to make things worse!.



Sophisticated lying from the Daily Mail….in support of immigration of the third world agenda.

October 20, 2017

Some fools in Britain are hypnotized by the Daily Mail into thinking it represents ordinary Britain……

Infact the Daily Mail is a sophisticated globalist supporting propaganda organ .

It runs a peculiar method of propaganda designed for the readership of the newspaper…..”peculiar” but highly effective propaganda.

What happens is…..a native inhabitant of Europe,that is,a European……is attacked or set apon by immigrants…..BUT HOLD ON,THEY ARE FAR FROM FINISHED AT THIS POINT!!….coming to the rescue is….wait for it Another Immigrant… immigrants are not so bad after all!!.HOORAY….keep shipping them in….the more the merrier.

Often the articles are entirely made up….fictional propaganda in other words.

Generally speaking the media is a lie machine and a whole lot more sophisticated than cheap propaganda found in the 20th Century…..maybe the scurrilous cunts are accessing psychological studies from universities etc in order to craft their propaganda message.

Australia’s crypto Jewish elite de industrialises Australia by killing off Australian icon.

October 20, 2017

First keep in mind that BOTH the Prime Minister AND deputy Prime Minister are Jews.That is not a conspiracy theory it is stone cold FACT.

Also keep in mind that almost ALL Australian billionaires are JEWS.

The last Holden has just left the production line.

It gets worse….because many Australians will be left unemployed as a result.

Those familiar with what has happened to America will recognise what has happened here…..America has been RUINED by Jewish minority rule.

Well it won’t be long before a giant menorah goes up in Australia’s capital,Canberra……

The Jews have successfully destroyed Christianity in Australia….and if a high profile Australian,like Margaret Court should object they are hounded and ostracized by the Jewish controlled media.

Let’s hope Australians recognise what the Jews are doing to Australian identity BEFORE it is too late….

Using the media they’ll turn once proud and independent Australians into a bunch of idiot numpties… you see in the audiences of Jewish run shows….Ellen Degenerate and Jimmy Felon immediately spring to mind.

You could speculate that the Jews have installed trade union Jewish leaders to make sure there is no overt reaction to the closing down of Australian large industry.

One thing is for sure… Britain,the Australian secret police will become increasingly active in snuffing out any movements which seek to maintain Australia’s national interests ahead of globalisation…..Pauline Hanson was JAILED for precisely this reason….devious back room intrigue enabled the Jewish controlled govt to jail her on trumped up charges.

Remember the Jewish attack dog…the media was fully employed to create the “right conditions”  where jailing her was deemed  acceptable to the Australian public….by constant demonisation.

Today in the West ONLY ONE COUNTRY is anything close to a democracy….SWITZERLAND….all the rest are oligarchies controlled by hugely wealthy families…..Jewish families or more accurately crypto Jewish families….like the Windsor billionaires.

How long will it be in Australia before Australia is treated with the current garbage littering the streets of the City of London…..Masonic statues with hidden symbols and weird anti human sculptures…..WHICH ARE TOTALLY ALIEN TO WESTERN DEMOCRACY.




National Party troll (old school pre internet meaning) Judith Collins…another media confidence trick.

October 20, 2017

If the Jews in the media cannot even get Collins surname right then what chance for the rest of the lies??!.

Judith Collins REAL surname is ACTUALY Judith YING TONG PING ….since she is married to a Chinese.

Incidently the crusty old hag has been involved in “soft” corruption involving China, something which has been so characteristic of National Party rule.

Naturally the media won’t be informing NZers about this….because the media IS LIKE PRAVDA IN THE FORMER SOVIET UNION…..a mouth piece for government policies.

Arrogant slags like “Collins” are the very people who should be kept miles away from ANY GOVT POSITION…..but they always seem to gravitate toward centres of power.In different circumstances….like at certain times in Argentina the Collins of this world are quite happy to torture political protesters….that’s the nature of the beast…..and you can include the fat oaf and sycophant Paula Bennet in this too.

Top London magician accused of rape by former model (Prince)

October 19, 2017

David Blaine one of Britain’s top Jewish magicians has been accused of rape… former top model… it a coincidence that (for example) both Weinstein and Blaine are JEWS……

Most likely not… level Jewish rapists are commonplace AND MOST OF THEM GET AWAY WITH IT!!.

Show business is a Jewish profession and Hollywood is their world capital…..a nest of vipers would be a polite way of putting it…..

Immigrant numbers to be “reduced” by 30,000.

October 19, 2017

This is a superb Orwellian style scam……..

It’s like saying you will reduce cancer….

So the Jews in the media and gov’t are going to reduce the number of immigrants from an extremely high level to a high level…..ABSURD.

Keep in mind that Adhern once worked for Tony Blair…..THE MOST HATED POLITICIAN IN BRITAIN….who was instrumental in opening the floodgates of Britain to MASS ALIEN IMMIGRATION.Blair has  round the clock protection provided by the Z.O.G. of Britain….funny that since Britain is supposed to be a democracy where any leader is supposed to be in this position by the will of the people.

Well Adhern better not try it on in NZ….10,000 a year would be reasonable….anything above that is NOT ACCEPTABLE……

Australians are being conned too….the Jews are importing tens of thousands every year while the Jewish media attempts to con Australians by saying it is under control….”by strict measures”.

These fucking immigrants are directly responsible for flooding NZ with drugs!!.

In America you can see what the Jews have done to that country…..the infrastructure run down,wages run down,corruption in government UP…..and permanent warfare.Huge drug problems …..and an utter fucking moron as president who has massive gambling interests……Just the right sort of individual you want leading your country…..NOT!.

Hooray….THE most corrupt political party in NZ history….is now history….

October 19, 2017

The media is complicit of course….in the lead up to the last election….not once was English mentioned in connection with his expenses corruption scam…..the Jewish controlled media gave shortarse English a free ride!.

If NZers are lucky….this new govt is going to clamp down on corruption..particularly Chinese penetration of political parties in NZ….As mentioned previously by Peters…English and his corrupt cronies enabled a former member of the Chinese intelligence service to become a NZ MP!!!!.

Despite what the media may say….English is a nasty little oik out for number one….and is surrounded by a rabble of shifty homosexuals and fat oafettes like the appalling Paula Bennet.

Is it any wonder this situation was allowed to continue given the fact NZ  television is FULL of toadying sycophants…..AND FUCKING IDIOTS.

What developed OECD country would have so many CUNTS per capita in the media.

Think utter fucking morons like Mike Hosking.When appearing on television alongside a female presenter….he leans over and takes up her personal space….because the thick bastard wants all the attention focussed on him.He waves his arms around,sometimes he actually partially blocks the tv camera!!.

NZers,at least some NZers, started a petition to remove THE FUCKING IDIOT from TV…..Needless to say the jerk is still there getting paid well over half a million a year!!.

It makes sense that Hosking is a National Party sycophant….he knows which side of his bread is buttered on.With NEW MANAGEMENT in Parliament there is a chance that….finally we’ll see that back of the utter CRETIN..

THEN THE ARE THE CRETINOUS MORONS ON BREAKFAST TV……..Hopefully  Jacinda “wedding tackle” Adhern will reintroduce the death penalty……for extreme political correctness (TV1) or Sheer Idiocy (tv3).