“Who have the means to hollow out America”……Linh Dinh to the rescue…

February 21, 2018

Yes Linh Dinh is  vietnamese/American and he has the disturbing habit of identifying just what is wrong with America….

And guess what ….his writing is not inhibited by “white guilt” foisted apon all European countries by the arch nemesis of Western Civilisation…..Global Jews Incorporated.

He asks who has the means to hollow out America….and why.Well informed people recognise WHO…..but not necessarily why….

To sum up…..America is fucked….what happens after that is interesting…..

This latest school shooting seems to more and more resemble a fake put up job…..lots of things are not adding up.

Essentially they are being used to disarm the public…..with their arms gone Americans will no longer be able to protect themselves….from their own govt.

Linh Dinh recognises all this stuff….that America is coming apart at the seams…..he better be careful!!!.

Top level security firms are booming in London.

February 21, 2018

That is….in the very wealthy areas of London the residents are banning together to hire private security to police the streets.

Here is an example of the virtually imperceptible changes that are taking place in Britain…..The police forces simply can’t cope with the crime….the rich know it….hence the arrival of private policing.

It is also an example of the decline of Britain in miniature.MOST of the crime is caused by immigrants….both legal and illegal.

A rational response from a government committed to the well being of its citizens would be to completely STOP immigration from the third world.Instead the govt DOES NOTHING…….

Unlike Hungary for example which STOPS THE INVASION IN ITS TRACKS.

And the response from the EU countries is “interesting”…..they condemn Hungary for putting the interests of its own citizens first!!.

It has just been announced that the wholesale raping of young women in Rotherham UK…by Pakistani immigrants is far more extensive than first thought.

Well that’s what invaders do when they invade a country……rape and pillage only the rapists were allowed to enter Britain by the elite…..pure treachery.

Unfortunately the British women being raped are from the British lower classes and THEY cannot afford to hire private police to protect them.They were left to rot by the British elite until the problem simply became too big to ignore.

Currently the elite are running pathetic smear stories about Corbyn because they fear his election to power.Corbyn is a crypto Jew….if elected he will continue the policy of flooding Britain with third world invaders….in short,he won’t change ANY of the fundamentals which are destroying Britain….Corbyn is just as treacherous as May….make no mistake about that.

Third world immigrants destroying NZs way of life….

February 21, 2018

The NZ Transport Authority has stated the new changes made to the licencing of drivers are working.

The changes were made because the licencing system was being undermined by utterly corrupt immigrants…mainly from the Indian sub continent and also China.

Okay tune into NZ television which is run by another ethnic group….THE JEWS….and all you will ever hear is multicultural propaganda.Make no mistake it is the hidden Jewish elite who are promoting multiculturalism….not only in NZ…..but throughout ALL WESTERN COUNTRIES.

Thinking about doing something about about it?……Jews control the secret police AND THEYLL BE TARGETING YOU….

Many of the problems besetting NZ can be directly laid at the door of the immigration policy.From corrupt NZ politicians to overloaded infrastructure….Now go to the richest suburbs in Auckland….behind the walled gardens of the mansions are the beneficiaries of MASS UNCONTROLLED THIRD WORLD IMMIGRATION….they’ll even be employing some of the illiterate immigrants as gardeners and house servants…..on the lowest wage they can get away with..  Wait until the ethnic organised crime gangs linked up with global crime cabals……..”she WONT be right “….when that happens…THEN and perhaps only THEN will NZers realise they have had their country fucked over by the Jewish global elite….whose sole objective is MONEY…..

Christians will have further cause to be alarmed……the removal of Jesus name from the parliament prayer…BY A JEW….is just an introduction….

Shortland Street and the 45° sloping forehead controversy.

February 21, 2018

It is possible that the makers of the popular tv soap Shortland Street are discriminating against people with vertical foreheads….since most actors in the show have the approximate inclination of forehead of your average ski slope….

Viewers who object to this freak show should contact Jacinda Adhern so she can get her teeth into it.

Jack Tame….the Young Sheldon of NZ TV.

February 21, 2018

Jack Tame is a Jewish breakfast host.He is particularly obnoxious….a supersillyous arrogant little tosser ….he has the audacity to attempt to brainwash NZers with politically correct drenched bullshit….and has that oh so characteristic holier than thou attitude…..the arrogance of the prick is breathtaking…..of course he got the job in television thanks entirely to his ethnicity……a clearer example of Jewish racism would be hard to find.

The extraordinary thing is…..is his remarkable similarity in appearance to the “Young Sheldon” lead character (an American tv series).

He has the same level of maturity too….without Young Sheldons brains of course.

Tames arrogance invites the use of a small block of Czech Plastic….or a guillotine…..

Sorry Kiwis you can protest about these unsuitable tv hosts all you like….you won’t get far…..the Jews have got broadcasting sewn right up.

The extortionate prices NZers pay for mobile use.

February 21, 2018

It’s like so many other things in NZ….A massive money making swindle by the elite…..

Sorry…..the media won’t be exposing this because the NZ MEDIA NO longer works in the interests of NZers…..the chief function of the media is to cover up and manipulate…..as an arm of the govt which in turn is held hostage by the multinationals.

Vodafone and “Spark” are all at it….just like the Supermarkets…..collusion to price fix.


It’s more like a witches brew of communism and fascism…..

Travel to many countries and you find that they are hugely cheaper….with the same infrastructure start up costs.

No….what we have in NZ is a MASSIVE rip off operation taking place.Never mind the identity politics BULLSHIT constantly paraded around on the media….there are much more important issues at stake…..which is precisely why NZers are forced to eat a constant diet of political correctness….it is a distraction…..

Incidently….expect some sort of contrived immigration bullshit to spring up during Peters time as PM.(while Adhern is on holiday hatching a lizard junior).This will be to give Peters credibility in order to stem the hemorrhaging of his voters…..who have quite rightly realised that Peters is a self serving fake.

Disinformation??…That’s what the “Truthseeker” website is all about.

February 21, 2018

The latest example is casting an Israeli “journalist” as being on the side of Germany regarding the massive influx of Muslims “refugees”.

First note that Sigmar Gabriel the German Vice Chancellor is a CRYPTO JEW…..not only that but the president of Germany Merkel is ALSO A JEW.(rather like….for example the Australia situation where  Turnbull and his deputy are BOTH JEWS).

Crypto Jews at the “elite level” in Germany have facilitated the theft of thousands of millions of dollars from the German economy….for example the high technology Dolphin Class submarines…..given free to the parasitic state of Israel…..along with numerous other examples…..

Suddenly we have an Israeli journalist who wants to help Germany by identifying Muslims entering the country and the scams they use to bring in their relatives….AS IF WELL INFORMED PEOPLE DID NOT KNOW THIS ALREADY….

It’s all bullshit of course…..this journalist will be operating on behalf of the Israeli govt.

So this journalist is about Jewish bullshit and is indulging in just another Jewish mis and disinformation scam.Kindly circulated by “thetruthseeker”……Read,if you must, the regular “articles” by “Les Visible”….by a whacko lunatic jew….That should give you some indication………

Then there is HenryMakow….unusually Makow ‘fesses up to being a Jew.He adamantly maintains the six million nonsense is true on the basis that some of his relatives died in WW2….One hundred million people were said to have died in WW2……

I have regularly accessed German websites….ordinary websites that have NOTHING to do with Nazi stuff….It strikes you after a while that X Y or Z companies are actually owned by crypto Jews….AND their customers often are other crypto Jews…..”so THAT IS why they bought from this company”….

Then you have the obvious examples….Fischer who escaped being “gassed” in WW2…..goes to Israel to live on a kibbutz in the sixties….then rises to the very top of Austrian society by becoming president…GIVE ME A BREAK…inspite of all this ,the FAKE Christian with the funny selection of hats…Makow keeps pushing the holocaust LIE!.

Then there is Lasha Darkloon….who conceals her identity…..which hardly inspires confidence since the concealing of identity is a Jewish speciality…what has she got to hide eh?.

Paul Craig Roberts for example continues to maintain the fiction that Trump is the real deal…..but he is a Jew who will not change a thing as he is PART of the problem!!…..It is impossible that Roberts does not know that the preposterous idiot Trump is a Jew.

Gilda Atzmon another Truthseeker regular says “Jews are not a race”…too bad about the “antisemitism” industry then…….

TheTruthseeker website does expose Alex Jones and David Icke (two crypto Jews)as fakes…..but don’t let that admission fool you…..Fake websites are extremely reluctant to call the shots on the important fakes…Like Trump,May,Merkel and Macron….or Trudeau and Turnbull or little old NZs version Jacinda Adhern and her Jewish husband.

Incidently….MAD DOG MATTIS IS A CRYPTO JEW….have no doubt about that one.So is the US UN ambassador and so is Trumps spokeswoman….The Jews control the US GOVT from top to bottom…..and it is THEIR responsibility that America is in such A perilous position….awash with a MASSIVE drug and pornography epidemic and FIFTY MILLION AMERICANS ON THE POVERTY LINE…..

See what happened to Germany during the depression….Germany’s economy was doing well while other Western Countries were mired in economic hell….this gives you some idea what happens when the weight of the Jews is temporarily lifted….then Germany was dragged under by war….on the path to destruction….an important lesson….never allow you country to be dragged into an offensive war…..

Think of the money spent in Afghanistan that COULD have been invested in the well being of Americans.

Then there was Vietnam…..a senseless war……Note…there was no way Kissinger could have ever claimed he was not a Jew….but easy for the crypto Jew “LBJ”.



Netherlands….becomes narco state.

February 20, 2018

Holland is sinking into the ocean….it is awash with drug crime and the money is working its way into the economy…

All of this can be put down to mass alien immigration which the Jewish elite created….Most of the drug trade is run by immigrants.

Yet……strange as it may seem…..the Dutch media keeps promoting multiculturalism .

Britain is approaching Narco State….status…..the use of cocaine is the highest in Europe…..and London drug crime is run by Albanians.The drug scourge reaches the highest levels of society….a friend of Prince Charles burnt her nostrils out from cocaine use.

Obviously this situation cannot continue IF Europe is to survive….When large numbers of China’s population became hooked on opium in the early part of the 20th Century….a number of efforts to control the situation were tried….none worked.Finally someone bit the bullet and they executed anyone involved in the trade….this put paid to the situation almost immediately.

So WHY is the British govt allowing ANY Albanians to enter Britain?!.The answer is of course…..Britain is deeply corrupt…..particularly London.




And it all leads back to mass alien immigration…..this is the long predicted delayed effect of third world Immigration….which saps the strength of the country,it’s institutions and traditions…..

Britain’s Jewish controlled media is STILL promoting multiculturalism…..and make no mistake BRITAINS MEDIA IS ENTIRELY CONTROLLED BY JEWS.

Drug use was popularised as “cool” by Jewish Satanists like the Rolling Stones and Beatles…..Tattoos used to be only worn by the criminal classes….until pop stars started conditioning the public….now disfiguring tattoos are commonplace.

The Dutch badly need a revolution….however the homosexual Jew far right leader is NOT a solution to The Netherlands problems….not by a long shot….he has visited The Crime State (Israel) on many occasions!!.

No doubt the top hierarchy of the Dutch Army (like Britain and the USA)is heavily infiltrated by crypto Jews….Jews like Mad Dog Mattis.

(There is a British TV series about a couple rebuilding a Chateau in France….they are BOTH JEWS.The hubby a former colonel in the British Army….of course the couple is featured in the tv series precisely because of the Jewish network ….in the process Anglo Saxons are excluded from television altogether….via veiled racism.)

Chris Tarrant (BBC) does a train documentary…on Israel….you won’t find a better example.

February 19, 2018

Chris Tarrant is a Jewish media personality on British TV.

The problem is he is a Jew BUT the vast majority of people in Britain would have no idea of his ethnicity….

This allows him to visit Israel where he can pretend to be an impartial observer which he is emphatically NOT.

He does a good job of pretending though…because the Jew knows that back in Britain most people sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians,particularly the radical left who can kick up a noise.

Anyway at the end of the documentary Tarrant tells the audience that Britain caused the mess in Israel at the beginning of the conflict.

THIS IS A PACK OF LIES…..ideal for the consumption of the ill informed.

Infact Jews in Britain and other countries like Australia caused the whole debacle.Crypto Jews like Boris Johnson and Gove of today would have  orchestrated the whole thing.

The Jews even used Australian troops to help clear out the Ottomans from Palestine…under the crypto Jewish General Monash…..Lawrence of Arabia was probably promoted as a PR exercise to get the British public onside.

There would have been Jewish financiers like Soros providing the funding and backroom influence….

Naturally Tarrant did not mention anything about British soldiers being lynched nor Jewish terrorists operating in Britain.

No….Tarrant rounds things off by blaming Britain……if people knew that he is a Jew…..he wouldn’t have tried that on.

So hiding your identity as a Jew…as Tarrant did….enables CRYPTO JEWS to pull off these deceptions and dupe the public of Britain…..

Tarrant is a reprehensible Jewish ex thug who was once mates with Jimmy Savile.  (A JEW…who masqueraded as a Catholic…like the Kray twins…as does Tony Blair today)…the most depraved man in British history…..WHO…..funnily enough visited Israel (in a private capacity)

The infamous cruise ship brawl targeting Aussies….

February 19, 2018


The lying media reported the Barkho family as being an Italian family….

Immediately this was suspicious because of the name.Next question…WHY is the lying media lying…what are they covering up?.

Keep in mind these scumbags attacked Australians on the ship.

Turns out the Barkho family are ARABS…..NOT ITALIANS….

According to the net most people with this surname live in Lebanon and Syria and are,in general Assyrians….most of whom are Christians….of a sort..This would explain why one of these Barkhos first name was David.

So the Jews who control the Australian govt are doing a fine job importing immigrants who attack Australian families…..because….not only are these Arabs attacking Australians ….Somalians and Sudanese brought into the country by the Jewish elite ARE ALSO ATTACKING AUSTRALIANS….the crime rate has skyrocketed as a result.

These Arabs are also heavily involved in drug racketeering.

Meantime in the fantasyland of the media “diversity enriches Australia”.The Jewish owned and operated media that is.

Was calling the Barkhos Italians a simple error…..NO WAY….

Aussies should contact the Minister of Immigration…letting him know you know of his REAL ethnicity…..and tell him you want these Arabs deported along with any Sudanese troublemakers….and if he doesn’t….then HE will be held accountable….as he should be.

Remember BOTH THE PM AND DEPUTY PM are JEWS…..if you want to know why Australia has been flooded with third world immigrants THIS is the answer.(backed up by Jewish media barons like Murdoch….married to the Jewish model Jerry Hall,former wife of the satanic Jew Mick Jagger)