NZ Jewish Controlled media works in conjunction with NZ Jewish Controlled Govt to dupe NZers.

November 24, 2017

TV1 “news”…..leads with an item on the Manus Island bullshit….

Although it SEEMS that the media is pressuring the NZ GOVT over accepting the economic migrants…..what it is ACTUALLY doing is facilitating what the Jewish controlled government intends to do…..flood NZ with MORE THIRD WORLD INVADERS…..

Why do they go to such great lengths to dupe the public………EASY:They know with absolute certainty that the vast majority of NZers are TOTALLY OPPOSED to any more third world Immigration.

NZers are so desperate to stop the flow of immigrants that they voted for the lifelong CHARLATAN Winston Peters who DUPED NZers into voting for him by promising to hugely reduce immigration.

Peters is such a scoundrel and liar that he was prepared to STRAIGHT OUT LIE on immigration……he has been richly rewarded… a salary increase of $100,000 and acting like a big shot as Deputy Prime Minister……Then there is his mate…..The preposterous fellow short arse Ron Mark…..(half Jewish)….who has bagged the Defence job.

Just to think NZ has been reduced to accepting these politically correct lying bullshitters  as their representatives in parliament…..WHILE THE ONE PERCENT GET RICHER…..Hey,if you were a member of the one percent club wouldn’t YOU be pleased about having these CLOWNS in parliament…..???.They ain’t gonna be giving any problems for your profit forecasts that’s for real.

NZ Herald runs story about Russian Oligarchs Yacht visit

November 24, 2017

Vekselburg…..well that name doesn’t sound very Russian….now does it….The Heralds description of him as a Russian billionaire….is incomplete……RUSSIAN JEW Oligarch is more the ticket….

(You’ll read about Russia and Putin being resistant to the new world order….Paul Craig Roberts for example,is for ever taking this approach…Infact this is nonsense.There is plenty of evidence to suggest Putin is a crypto Jew….how else would have these Russian Jewish Oligarchs have survived in Russia….especially since many have robbed Russians blind….just like American Jewish Oligarchs have done to Americans…ONE has been jailed for his crimes….JUST ONE….Madoff.)

It is possible that Jewish Headquarters…in Israel are taking a new approach in the Middle East….since Americans are getting severe Jew fatigue….The internet informing more and more people about WHO has fucked up America.

The Jews are going to use Russian lives and equipment to fight THEIR wars in the Middle East instead of Americans..Keep in mind there are ten of thousands of Russian origin Jews in Israel.

The Herald article goes on to mention another billionaires yacht having visited Auckland…..for servicing…none other than James Packer…..YES!…Packer is a Jew…..although you will NEVER read that in the media since…..wait for it….another Jew billionaire MURDOCH owns many of the newspapers.

Keep this stuff in mind the next time you see films,TV and newspaper articles about “helpless poor Jews being persecuted and “anti-Semitism” and all the rest of it.

So what was the REAL reason for the Herald article??!.


USER PAYS…..EH?……like FUCK….MORE LIKE NZ MIDDLE CLASS PAYS FOR THE ONE PERCENTS FUN HOBBY….racing ridiculous impracticable yachts that have NOTHING to do  with NZers.



Now at least SOME people may understand WHY a political prisoner is being held in a New Zealand jail….held without charge and incommunicado…AND THE FUCKING MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT does nothing about it.This is NZers introduction to Jewish Racist Power and how it rots a country from within…..overriding all tradition ideas of freedom going right back to the Magna Carta….

Globalists (these are the weird freaks who put up satanic style statues in London) show their true colours in France.

November 24, 2017

Maybe they are getting nervous,but shutting down Marine Le Pens bank accounts could HARDLY BE MORE OBVIOUS…..surely they realise that this action will only result in MORE resistance to their policies of destroying the identity of European nations via MASS ALIEN IMMIGRATION.

As usual their strategy will probably be to set opposing factions against each other while sitting on the sideline watching events unfold.A counter strategy could involve ignoring the bullfighters cape and short circuit things by paying attention to the authors……….

O’Connell…A clear breach of human rights in New Zealand WTF….is going on….

November 23, 2017

You are forever hearing about NZs commitment to International Human Rights conventions……….

O’Connell s incarceration in the hellhole that is Mt Eden prison…breaches enough “human rights” to warrant the immediate attention of the Minister of Justice….but there is nothing but silence on the issue?!.

It’s like this….The Minister of Justice Andrew Little… a JEW.

The media which is supposed to monitor human rights abuses….IS TOTALLY CONTROLLED BY THE JEWS….and it just so happens that O’Connell questions the power and influence of international Jewry.

So things are not looking good for OConnells. “Human Rights”…..

Incidently the NZ Army has recently held an army maneuver at the top of NZs South Island….concerning racial conflict…..that’s the scenario anyway.

So you can see planning is well underway for future tyranny in NZ.

Tyranny is the inevitable consequence of the Jews take over of a country….

You can imagine what happened to Russians after they took over in 1917….a fucking disaster for Russians…..and they are STILL in control and have stripped the country of its wealth.

As for Palestinians…..The Jews have killed over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Palestinians since 1948….a considerable proportion of which have been women and children.


One sayanim and one oddbod of indeterminate origin.

November 23, 2017

That was yesterday’s total… of them was parked in the street in a big sprinter campervan***…..The other showed up near the supermarket….

***.He looked Middle Eastern and could have been a Sephardic origin Israeli.(I immediately texted a local garage….saying their grease supplies had arrived in town).

Also a big blobby dyke…..

TV3 interviews Pete “buttfuck” Dunne on MPs salaries.

November 22, 2017

TV3 is owned by a giant Jewish owned multinational in the US.

Their employment policy is basically Jews and minorities only….which is of course racist.

Yeah…so they interview part time fudgepacker Pete about MPs salaries.It is a serious issue since the salaries given to MPs are amongst the highest in the OECD AND….NZ,is after all….”a low wage economy”.

Such excessively high salaries indicate a level of corruption,where the political class are paid to not rock the boat…like object to the establishment of a giant monopoly like Fronterra.

So how does “the Project” deal with it.Well they interview a political has been… Dunne….the sycophant….who knows all about the abuse of public office….like getting NZ taxpayers to pay for him to see an opera in Vienna…while staying at an expensive hotel…..

But throughout the interview the “team” on the Project are laughing and giggling like a pack of adolescent school girls….it is a joke….so they want viewers to believe.

Dunne comes up with an interesting tactic….”If you pay peanuts,you get monkeys”.

So on that basis senior teachers who USED to be paid about the same as MPs,but who now are paid half what the fucking cunts in parliament pay themselves……ARE MONKEYS….

The slimey little pervert Dunne is not half as smart as he thinks he is….but his bow ties give the game away….he is a pretentious TOSSER.

So here was a serious subject ONCE AGAIN derailed by the MEDIA WHORES.

NZ has one of THE WORST medias in first world countries….you would be hard pushed to find a more useless incompetent prick than Mike Hosking…just for example.He should be given his marching orders….there was even a petition started up for his dismissal!!.

Corruption of the media is a worldwide problem for democracies…so they become little more than mouthpieces for big business….

IT IS NO FUCKING JOKE… those line up of overpaid media cretins on “project” would have you believe.

At last a new beginning for Zimbabwe..HURRAH!

November 21, 2017

Good old Bob and Grace…..they have served their country and are now entitled to a peaceful retirement on their government pensions…..which must be in the hundreds of millions by now…..kindly earning money for the gnomes of Zurich.

Maybe they have the same Swiss bankers as Mike Fay the NZ Merchant banker…..(see the great asset sell off Swindle ….Kiwilands very own crime of the century.)

The Daily Mail featured the Zimbabwean rich kids draped in designer clothes and luxury cars.Which immediately brought to mind the offspring of the Jew Bernie Ecclestein…his dumb daughters .(Formula One…billionaire)

……..The vast wealth gap in Zimbabwe really is no different than that which exists in most western countries….particularly Britain and America……While roads and bridges in America are not quite as potholed as Zimbabwae… is all a matter of degree.While the Wests media rightly condemns Black Bob Mugabe….you won’t find them so keen to do the same with the 1% in Western Countries….

America currently has a president every bit as corrupt as Mugabe…only there is more wealth to go around…so it is well disguised….keep in mind there are FIFTY MILLION AMERICANS ON THE POVERTY LINE IN THE USA….AND….WASHINGTON IS NOT KNOWN AS THE SWAMP JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT….

So a certain type gravitates toward power… it is often a miracle if they DONT start abusing their power….and put the well being of their citizens first.

South Africa has Mugabe Mark Two in the making….once again…..there is more wealth available….so there are not one mile long queues of people to buy bread…..YET!’

Angola has had all that oil wealth….same old story…..a stupendously rich one percent.

I got a taste of this stuff when in Zambia….I was working with a couple of locals building a Machan (a tree hide for observing wildlife)…both of them had crude machetes made out of vehicle leaf springs….these two villagers made such a good job out of it working with rough materials that I decided to buy them some genuine tools with a twenty quid tip I had received from a super rich tourist…..(Purchased from an Indian owned shop.)

Later I learned that the strongest man in the village had stolen the tools…and poor old Willy and Joseph were back to the car springs…I thought of intervening…but realised that it would be a fruitless exercise….In Africa the strongest steal from the weakest….hence the expression “This is Africa”.

Bob’s replacement….is none other than “the crocodile”…..and he does what it says on the tin….devours people….so he may be WORSE than Mugabe but not as cunning….

Zimbabweans can look forward to an interim break in their oppression….before another dictator takes the reins.

What happens if you are serious about democracy……

November 21, 2017

That is….silly things like…trial by jury,no incarceration without charges being laid,freedom of speech,freedom of movement,no bugging of your abode without a warrant being issued….all the things which protect the citizen from the government….

What you get is the current situation in Auckland.Where an Australian citizen Brendon O’Connell is currently held in My Eden prison….ARRESTED WHILE APPLYING FOR POLITICAL ASYLUM IN NEW ZEALAND.

Why…..Well O’Connell had the temerity to ask Australian politicians to represent him in the House of Representatives.He actually rang some of them…..and ask them to do what they are paid to do…..represent!.

And the result…..Bishop the Harridan has rung her mates in NZ and asked them to CONTINUE the harassment that O’Connell had experienced in Australia…….you wouldn’t read about it….

You wouldn’t read about it because the word has gone out… the controlled media….no articles about a political prisoner being held ILLEGALLY in a NZ jail…..This is the same media which covers up gross indecency by politicians and corruption too.

At some point political “dissidents” realise that democracy has been so compromised that to pursue official channels is a complete waste of time.Which is precisely the reason the founding fathers of America enshrined in law The Right to Bear Arms… utterly corrupted govts can be removed by the people and the whole process can begin again.

O’Connell has pointed out that senior members of the police in Western Australia are involved in high level drug crime…..not the sort of comment to endear him to the ruling clique.

What is really galling is the active collusion between the government and the media.

Is it any wonder…..The media is full of….MEDIA WHORES…..scum in other words.Just look at the non entities on NZ Breakfast TV…..They just a bunch hugely overpaid whores ready to do the bidding of the highest bidder…..and MOST of them do cocaine at their glitterati parties……The media won’t be reporting that because they ARE the media.

So ….The media is not working any more…..all you have are fake interviews where media whores interview politicians USING THEIR FIRST NAMES….they are mates you see….good mates….there is no distance between the two….so how can the media possibly hold politicians to account.The answer is…..THEY DONT!!…

So we have gross financial criminals making off with millions of investors money….and companies overturning monopoly laws….by ordering the scum in parliament to do it for them…NO WORRIES MATE…..all achieved with the secret handshakes of Freemasonry….nod nod wink wink.

O’Connell is in deep trouble….because Freemasonry is even more deeply entrenched in NZ than Australia…..There is a Freemason scum-shack in virtually every town in NZ….yet very few people actually KNOW WHO THEY ARE……that’s how secret societies operate and are anathema to open democracy……Democracies can ONLY flourish when light is shone on the darkest areas of society.


Stephen Town Auckland Ratepayers PUBLIC ENEMY..

November 20, 2017

This is the cunt who is abusing ratepayers in Auckland…..he needs to be made aware of the “blowback” he could suffer if he continues to rip off taxpayers…..

He will,without a doubt,be a FUCKING FREEMASON

“Soft” corruption within the Auckland council

November 20, 2017

Talk about the abuse of Auckland ratepayers the cunts are sending council officials overseas ON BUSINESS CLASS….So that’s $15,000 versus around $3000……How many ratepayers were required to make up the $12,000 difference.


Then there is the strange case of the Auckland mayor (a Jew)….His rates have dropped because of a reevaluation of his property…..HOLD ON A MINUTE…since when does property value DROP….in Auckland… the very least this is SUSPECT.

PHILLIP GOFFs record while in parliament does not presuppose innocence in this case.

There IS corruption in NZ….despite the impression the media gives to the contrary.

The cunts are all too cosy with each other….that is the politicians and media.While (for example) Peters is going into one of his bullshit displays of feigned outrage…..later on he is having drinks with the politicians whom he has condemned…..