Trumpstein….The International statesman….As John McEnroe would have said …”YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS”.

May 22, 2017

Americans have most likely already forgotten Trumps campaign promises.The Wall has not even begun to be built.Third world immigrants to America keep arriving at the same rate as they were before Trump was elected.And….”Lock ‘er up” Hillary Clinton is still free as a bird.The Swamp,if anything,is Swampier…with zio-alligators still cruising Washington’s streets….soon they’ll have to get one of those boats with a fan at the back to navigate around Swampsville….just to stay clear of the predators in the Swamp.

As any well informed person knows…Trump is a Jew…as are,most likely,the leaders of Saudi Arabia…so all the nonsense spouted by Trump on his visit to this state…was a mixture of lies and bullshit.

According to Trump the new arms deal with Saudi Arabia is “good for jobs”…No mention of course the long term objective of pitting Sunni mooslums against Shiites….that is Iran….in the interests of the Swamp Operators…International Jewry/Israel.

In Britain Theresa May has promised to lower immigration…..Once she is elected…she will follow Trumps example….and do NOTHING worthwhile to control and stop the invasion of the third world….into Britain.(note….just before she took office she had a private dinner with…none other than the Chief Rabbi of Britain)

People in Western democracies have been disenfranchised….by Global Jews Incorporated.

Trumpsteens visit to Israel is going to be interesting….you could speculate his handlers will attempt to portray Trump as someone who is not controlled by the Jewish fiends….AS HE REALLY IS….after all you wouldn’t want Americans to guess that their president is nothing more than a Jewish “go-fer”….whose first interest is NOT America or Americans but…ISRAEL.

After all Israeli Jews have a higher standard of living than Americans…yet…strange as it may seems America gives aid to a richer country!!.

There are 50 million Americans on the breadline who may very well OBJECT to this!!..’




Don’t take “news” at face value…of course.

May 22, 2017

The Jewish controlled media has just reported an incident in Romania….

It involved a former Turkish citizen…but now a US citizen…He had compared the Turkish dictator Erdogan to Hitler….(they are always making comparisons to Hitler…BORING)’

He was about to leave Romania but found his passport had been cancelled by the Turkish authorities….WTF!.

But this US citizen was no ordinary American….he is an NBA basketballer.


Sorry…that’s not the end of the story…His surname is KANTER which is most likely a variation of KANTOR…Therefore he is almost certainly a Turkish CRYPTO jew…In Turkey,such Jews are called “Donmeh”.

So this event is not exactly how the media reports it…..there are details missing.What was the objective of this business….?….you would have to be familiar with Turkish/American/Israeli relationships to work that one out…

NZ govt to introduce Mars bar …after complaints.

May 20, 2017

Bruno Mars WAS intending to hold a concert in NZ….but the NZ govt has stepped in to stop it…..on the grounds of public safety…..

At least some people recognise what a preposterous figure this little American twerp is.


Contrast this with “complex”songs like Strawberry Fields Forever…..There simply is no comparison….It’s all part of the decline of Western civilisation.Mars songs appeal to dumbed down morons and have a lot in common with primitive tribal chants… you would expect…another offshoot of the deleterious effects of third world immigration….on western countries.

No doubt Mars is now a multimillionaire…however the people buying his records will be part of the FIFTY MILLION socio economic class in America….living on Wal-Mart extortion wages…..who can’t KEEP UP…with the drop in American living standards.


Daily Mail…relentless in pushing crypto Jews wedding….in a church.

May 20, 2017

The inhabitants of Britain’s wealth bubble were out in force to attend Pippa Middlesteins wedding to a crypto Jewish financier.

You could imagine that the rich class of Ancient Rome behaved in exactly the same manner….as the barbarians hammered on the gates of Rome.Quite possibly some of the ruling class opened the gates of Rome to the hordes hoping that being nice to them would solve the problem.

The ruling class of Britain ….well their days are numbered but they’ll take down thousands with them….all of the motherfuckers kids are on drugs…Pippa Middlesteins uncle was at the wedding (surname Goldsmith…!) He is INFAMOUS for his drug taking on one of those debauched Spanish holiday Islands.

The Daily Mail of course was at its usual best….The rotten rag reported that there were a whole lot of localsightseers gathering at the entrance “hoping to catch a glimpse” of the cunts….looking at the photo of the cunt glimpsers…there may have been around twenty of them….This sort of lie is the opposite of the Mail reporting on protest marches that are not in accord with government objectives.

Meantime in the real world two (at least)thousand third world immigrants arrive on Britain’s shores every week….only a fucking fool living in a wealth bubble would consider that this is sustainable.Mind you the daughters of the wealthy are highly unlikely to be raped by the invaders….unlike the situation in Rotherham….where British citizens are left to fend for themselves…and the invaders crimes against THEIR daughters are actually covered up…..a sickening situation which will only change if ordinary Britons say enough is enough….they should not expect any help from the ruling class….there will,no doubt,be another hi-soc. wedding to attend …..on the social calender.




Indian CRYPTO jew promotes immigration to NZ.

May 20, 2017

HIS NAME IS…..”Arun Jacob” not a very Indian sounding name and that is because he is actually a JEW.

He has videos on You Tube…not surprisingly “comments are disabled”.

Get your news reports in the correct order.

May 20, 2017

Tv1 in New Zealand is in the thrall of Global Racist Jews Inc… most media in the West.They always push multiculturalism….usually with a jolly approving smile…..they have a variety of methods in their madness.Here’s one of them.

First they have a shocking story about events in the Middle East…with harrowing photographs of refugees fleeing XY or Z war zone…..

True to form the Jews at TV1 did just this…..

The NEXT news item was about accommodation in SWEDEN designed to house the fleeing refugees….only it is aflame…..some sensible Swedes had sent a message to their treacherous elite….

The viewers reaction will be based on the PREVIOUS news item about refugees in Iraq…..

It is really all about Democracy or the lack of it….because if Swedes had been asked if they agree with the ZOG of America attack on Iraq …virtually the whole of Sweden would have been against.Swedes were never asked of course….Yet the Jews media implies that Sweden is somehow morally obliged to take millions of third world people.

In Britain there was a march of more than a million people against the war in Iraq….of course,because Britain is the fakest of fake democracies…The one million strong march was totally ignored….while the marchers themselves were depicted as Looney lefties….some May have been,the majority were not.It was a Jew owned smear because THIS attack was ALL about Israeli objectives NOT Britain’s.There is a plan ….which states clearly that the Jews intention is to knock out all possible opposition to Israel by nearby countries….Syria is next followed by Iran.

Racist Jews in the media are fair game….because it is THEY who disseminate the oligarchs objects.Today everyone is suspicious of the media…people realize they are generally a pack of cunts….

The two newsreaders were crypto Jews.Thimon Dellow and Wendy Peachtree….The international news reports were….surprise…..surprise ALSO produced by JEWS…

Currently the Jews are FLOODING NZ with large amounts of illiterate third world immigrants….it will end up destroying NZ….eventually.It needs to be put a stop to….and the overpaid TOSSERS in parliament AND the media should be the focus of attention.Currently they are using scare tactics to persuade voters they should support third world immigration…this is YET ANOTHER example of their duplicity.

Incidently I got ANOTHER visit from the Dept of Statistics yesterday…only the employee looked exactly like a cop…or possibly an SIS type.There must be a law against this sort of bullshit….however even if there is a law the cunts would go right ahead and ignore it.

Stuff like this will become ever more commonplace as resistance grows to globalist Jews policies…..

May promises to reduce immigration to tens of thousands…

May 18, 2017

LETS GET ONE THING STRAIGHT….IT IS ANOTHER LIE….told countless number of times by British leaders over the past 40 years….from Thatcher to Blair,from Blair to Cameron….

NOTHING WILL CHANGE….May is lying her fucking head off.Since there are no political parties which cater to the concerns of most people in Britain…then revolution becomes the only viable option.

The British Secret Police mi5 AND the media prevents any nationally oriented political party from getting established…essentially British citizens have been disenfranchised…..

All it would take to set things alight in Britain is a severe downturn in the economy… is inevitable this will happen….things are already creaking at the seams…..The oligarchy will be seeking to run the unrest (via penetration of all political groups by the secret police)..unless people wise up and start at the top.

Meantime….The invaders keep arriving every day of the week….they are being housed,clothed and fed by British taxpayers…Meantime May proposes to cut back winter fuel subsidies for poor people in Britain…..YOU COULD NOT MAKE THIS UP!!.

Tough guy Trump says it’s America and Americans first…

May 18, 2017

What will Trump do about the attack on American protesters in Washington…by Erdogans bodyguard goons…..

N O T H I N G……….nothing at all.

The Turkish shot down a Russian jet last year….a trade embargo was launched by Putin….

Obviously the Turks need to be put in their place by two of the most powerful nations in the world.They are obviously incapable of running a democracy.

NZers may be concerned that the Jewish elite have not imported these troublemakers into NZ…..THEY HAVE!!.

In Britain these trash people control a large part of the heroin trade.

We ain’t finished yet….One of THE most corrupt Jews in NZ Eric Watson celebrated his birthday party***in Istanbul!!..There is a sizable population of Jews in Turkey and it has been suggested they control that country via the Turkish Deep State.

***.With money stolen from NZ investors….around HALF A MILLION DOLLARS….no chance of a prosecution of course…..(contacts in parliament)

Incidently….there is a war/famine in Sudan right now.NZers SHOULD BE ON HIGH ALERT because the Elders of Zion Marxist fiends usually use this as a pretext to flood the west with more third world immigrants…..via promos by the Jewish run media.

OKAY… ask the Australian police about THEIR experiences with Sudanese immigrants….a fucking disaster.

The Jew controlled media has just run  a promo for “the changing face of NZ”….The news was read out by a smiling Simon Dellow who is a jew and the reporter who delivered this news item was also a Jew.


What exactly is meant by the “changing face of NZ”….it sounds like an Orwellian slogan….It means the once peaceful and stable NZ is vanishing into a cloud of political correctness…meaning corruption and a HUGE wealth inequality…and organised Jewry taking over all the levers of power….like They have done in the USA.It also means the declining influence of Christianity which has been relentlessly attacked by the media for the last forty years.

You’ll also find absurdities like the Jewish Greens leader being paid $184,000  a year while preaching socialism…..(Note…about 35 years back MPs were paid about the same as a senior teacher….The motto is “pay the cunts big bucks and keep ’em sweet”.That way the oligarchy won’t have to deal with difficult questions.

Obviously NZers are going to have to get very nasty with their representatives who DONT represent…The more covert the better…they’ll get the message sooner or later.

NZ is a democracy NOT a fucking oligarchy…..

“Britain’s got Jews”

May 18, 2017

Britain’s got talent….is one of those appalling talent shows for aspiring plebians….obviously a false flag terror attack by MI 5 would be beneficial,particularly if the judges happened to be blown up before the ransom demand was negotiated.

Now here’s the odd thing….all the judges are JEWS….or they have the occasional token minority showing up for appearances.

With David Walliams bear in mind that Saville the most degenerate individual in British history made a great deal out of his child charities…while PREYING on them.Walliams writes children’s books..but no mistake Walliams is one serious “wrong ‘un”..’…only he has yet to be exposed….he will be well protected from exposure….like Saville (a crypto Jew)’

Amanda Holden is a jewess of course,who has had serious bodywork.

The lead judge and multimillionaire at one time purported to be a Catholic (like Saville)….he is said to be a homosexual….his marriage to a jewess is probably entirely for publicity purposes.

What the public is unaware of is…(A)They are all Jews and (B)They are all seriously “compromised” individuals and nothing like their public persona….they are a bunch of seriously nasty assoles…..They shouldn’t be allowed on public television…unfortunately JEWS TOTALLY control the media in Britain.

So how is it in a country with the vast majority being Anglo-Saxons that all three judges are from an ethnic minority….It’s all to do with Jewish Racism…..Jews actively exclude Anglo Saxons from the media….while pretending to BE Anglo Saxons…..They have been pulling this racist trick for centuries…..but eventually the host population works out the scam.(this can take several generations)


Thierry Mayssan….Voltaire net via “

May 17, 2017

Obviously “Voltairenet” is a Jewish run outfit….

Here’s why….”Thierry Mayssan” reckons there is a devious Anglo-Saxon plan to destabilize South America.Anglo-Saxon meaning Britain and America….

Which of course is PREPOSTEROUS NONSENSE….

Both these countries have a Jewish cabal which calls the shots….The JEWS run the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve….and Jews also totally control their respective media.

So the Anglo-Saxon stuff is undiluted bullshit/disinformation….There are crypto Jews in both countries…in both governments.Here is just two of the many examples.Senator McCain and Boris Johnson….there are many more examples including the fucking moron Trump….all his family are Jews,and all his business associates…and the public are supposed to believe he is not a Jew….what a load of BS.

So you can write off Voltaire net immediately….

Thetruthseeker also runs videos by Paul Watson….who is an associate of the FUCKING JEWISH MORON Alex Jones.Watson is of course a crypto Jew gatekeeper.

Thetruthseeker is run by Jews and usually features only Jewish writers.