Being a politician in some democracies can be very profitable…the more corrupt the country the more profit…..simples.

March 8, 2018

Take NZ for example……although the media describes NZ as “one of the least corrupt countries in the world”….this is far from true……but it sounds good.

In NZ the fucking media is PART of the corruption.How else would you explain the fact that the NZ media REFUSES TO REPORT THAT THE NZ PM IS PAID MORE THAN THE BRITISH PM….leader of a country with a MASSIVE GDP.

Perhaps this explains Adhern the socialist moving into a new $2,000,000 pad which just happens to be in the zone for the top schools in NZ…

Then there is the infamous case of the extremely wealthy Winstein Peters…a politician who has been living off the public tit for forty odd years.

It is possible Adhern is being shifted to a more easily defended area….keep targeting ordinary Kiwis like the earthquake victims….and she’ll fucking need it…….

Weird stuff by NZ govt….targeting average Kiwis.

March 8, 2018

The compensation debacle over claims concerning earthquake damage has been going on for YEARS….

It now turns out that private investigators have been hired to target claimants….that is the elected govt has been targeting the very people who they are SUPPOSED to be representing!!.

Assuming of course that the spies hired are not members of the SIS…they could be!.


So powerful organisations with large financial resources get millions while ordinary Kiwis get TROUBLE….including visits from the police….Something is very wrong here.

It boils down to The elite feathering its own nest…..this is typical elite behaviour you’ll find in abundance in the USA and Britain….probably the two most corrupt Western Countries in the world…..WITH GROSS INCOME DISPARITY……led by grotesque caricatures of leaders……An orange haired clown and a doddering granny…both crypto Jews of course.

Anyone who votes for Little at the next election needs his or hers head examined…..he is a “wrong ‘un” …..was HE involved in the $1000,000,000 hand out to Fischer&Paykel….wots the bet!!.

The targeting of ordinary citizens by the govt demonstrates what happens WHEN YOU DONT CONTINUOUSLY MONITOR THE GOVT TO PRESERVE YOUR FREEDOMS…..

Never mind Miss Smiley and her toothy grin…..all politicians are tarred with the same brush.Mr Smiley has “gone fishin'”…..what does the husband to be of Mz Adhern ACTUALLY DO?!.

Joanna Lumley English actress.

March 8, 2018

Lumley seems to have grabbed herself numerous plum parts working in British television which begs the question….is Lumley a crypto Jew?.

The answer to that is……very likely,it appears her muvver was a Jew.

Lumley is THE PERFECT example of the term…Luvvie……that is the rich upper middle class who campaign for fake refugees to be settled in England,while keeping them at arms length once they arrive.Her support for Ghurkas to be settled in Britain has caused all sorts of problems….but these are never covered by the Jewish controlled media.

Lumley is from the generation of tough independent women who travelled to the four corners of the British empire…they usually attended public schools….they had “pluck” to spare….so Lumley is not your typical luvvie…..

BUT….her travel documentaries are not quality productions……there is not the “distance” from the subject in hand….more emotional stuff which does not help informing the viewer….except weepy sheilas ….the type who go to pieces watching Hollywood movies etc.

Michael Woods is more the ticket BUT HE TOO IS WEIGHTED DOWN WITH PC JUNK…..he is a BBC crypto of course.As long as you learn to recognise Woods is about to go into a PC epileptic fit you can fast forward the doco.That knowledge came in handy when watching his Alexander the Great series…..

So Lumleys travel doco’s should come with a warning….DO NOT TAKE TOO SERIOUSLY.

Lumley herself (according to stuff on the net) is difficult to work with and “snobby” and temperamental….The parents were well off,then she hit a bad patch being short of money.Then hit the Jackpot with Absolutely Fabulous working with that fattish jewess comedienne……This rollercoaster may have persuaded her to behave in this manner.She has an affinity for keeping company with the very wealthy.

So all in all not a particularly pleasant person….snobby and a social climber with a nasty personality….unless associating with the rich….of course.

But things are only going to go downhill judging by the new kids on the block…..Freddy Flintoff (a dumb ex cricketer) in Africa….simply appalling.He does all the stupid stuff like engaging in tribal ceremonies….totally moronic.

OR…a creepy crawly fan.He does stuff like handling dangerous snakes and spiders close up….wowing the audience with his daring do.Sometime he sports various colourful hues of nail polish.He has the obligatory tattoos for “coolness”…and once had a minor role in Lord of the rings… other words a complete fuckwit.He once appeared as an extra on a pop video.

Then there is Simon “shark gnashers” Reeves….he is of the generation which has been inoculated with political correctness…..and simply does not have the grey matter to produce a decent travel doco.He talks about “OUR” oceans and how WE can solve environmental problems.Some of his commentary seems to have been lifted straight from the pages of Lonely Planet guide books.

No doubt he would appeal to under 25’s….that is kids whose thinking capacity has not fully developed….

His false enthusiasm when talking about “our planet”….really is truly annoying.Post revolution you would incarcerate Reeves in a re education camp….to de programme him.Americans would love Reeves for his bullshit though.

British doco’s are going from bad to worse…..just like the country itself….and make no mistake Britain will be finished as a world power within 100 years…..unless the Jews stranglehold over the country is broken…..right now that seems to be a remote possibility….ALL the key positions are held by crypto Jews and the country is under siege from wave after wave of alien immigrants….

….and the Windsors are promoting it too….anyone who thinks Harry’s marriage to the American came about by chance is kidding themselves.

Airstrip One….breaking news.

March 7, 2018

The two leaders of “Britain First” have been jailed…..

Is there free speech in Britain?…..NOT ON CERTAIN SUBJECTS THERES NOT!.

After all Britain is emphatically NOT a real democracy.

The judiciary is infested by Jewish Freemasons.The judge (Barron) who presided over the case appears to be a crypto Jew….No surprises on that one!.

There is a bigger picture on this….it is just possible the two jailees are working for MI5……

The Russian spy poisoning.

Given the anti Russian rhetoric that the Zio media is ramping up these days….would Russians risk poisoning some low level spies right now….thereby gifting the media with more ammunition with which to add to their arsenal of lies about Russians…

If they did do the poisoning then they are not being very smart about it??!.

There is an alternative theory…..that the poisoning was carried out by elements within the British Secret Police…..precisely because of the negative publicity that could be spun from such a story…..You certainly would not discount this explanation.(or maybe there was a MOSSAD involvement)

“Drake”….never ‘eard of him until now.

March 7, 2018

Infact Drake is worth around 100,000,000 dollars from his rapping music…..which is very popular with high melanin population groups….who can be broadly characterized as those races which never developed a written language.

BUT IT AINT QUITE AS SIMPLE AS THAT…..SINCE DRAKE IS A ZIO-MULATTO!!…!.Another hugely successful Zio-Hybrid like the Kravitz family.

Drakes mom is a full blown jewess and Drake had a BarMitzva.(a Jewish ceremony which is said to have originated in the teeming bazaars of the orient….it marked the transition of a child to a fully qualified pickpocket and scam artist.)

So we have a Jew who appears black exploiting black music…..sort of like Garth Brooks (crypto Jew) the C&W star profiting from the white music genre.

The success of Drake is down to “The Jewish Network”…..not because of exceptional talent….This is usually the case….For example the Jewish Network ensured the election of numb nuts Obama…..his mom is a jewess too.

Daily Mail keeps pushing the multiracial,multicultural agenda while publishing token articles against it….

March 6, 2018

The Daily Mail is owned by the Jewish elite which controls the media in Britain.

Sometimes there are articles about the Daily Mails “Nazi past”…..which of course are utter nonsense….because many top Nazis were CRYPTO JEWS…

The newspaper makes a practice of publishing advertising displaying mixed couples….USUALLY the woman is European and the husband black.They have just published a story about a European woman who “did not know she was pregnant”….and the resulting nugget coloured baby.The father is long gone …trouble is the story is two years old and the details not believable.These multicultural articles are all about conditioning the British public to accepting the invasion of their country brought about by treacherous politicians like the Catholic Marrano Tony Blair.

Not mentioned of course is the HUGE…but delayed impact of intermarriage with low IQ immigrants…which will ultimately see Britain decline into a country like Portugal.

Portugal USED to be a source of enterprise and  resourcefulness….sending out explorers right around the world.Today it is a European backwater… one point tens of thousands of African origin slaves were settled in the country.

You won’t actually be able to definitively document the same process in Britain….however one hundred years should be enough to forever fuckover Britain……unless Britain is able to mount a revolution to take back their country from the zio-traitors……

The alien immigrants keep arriving at 250,000 a year….and the British govt DOES NOTHING EXCEPT TARGET PEOPLE WHO OBJECT….Expect the British Secret Police*** to get an increased budget to cope with the demand.


***MI5…..with a crypto Jew….Andrew Parker at the helm!.

Jews who produce soap …….hit jackpot.

March 6, 2018

(Soap as in TV not holocau$t Soap)

ShortLand street is a democracy version of propaganda you find in totalitarian states…..

This week they have a couple of homosexuals in bed together pledging undying love….these two look like Pacific Islanders… of them has a forehead adapted to living in an Hurricane prone area….aerodynamic.A strong wind would have great difficulty gaining a purchase on this chaps head which probably has the aerodynamic efficiency of an F1 car..

Then they have an immigrant from the middle east….a legacy of the lesbian jewess Helen Clark…..she pulled the Tony Blair trick of flooding NZ with third world immigrants without consent from the NZ public…..the Jewish script writers have the immigrant in a relationship with a fresh faced blonde….this is Jewish heaven.Another scowly blonde has a Polynesian part time shag….objected to by a European policeman…..superb Jewish script writing…..

Keep in mind that the Jews who control western countries media are pulling the same sort of stuff with all soaps…..because dopes like soaps and are easy to brainwash.

You can get an idea of the twisted mentality of the Jews…from a recent Hollywood movie…..they have a female goy having sex with some sort of amphibian from a fish tank….bizarre and sick really…..rather like the Jew who produced an “artwork” with a Christian Cross floating in urine….and just think….these fiends control western govts!!.

“France@rse MacDormand delivers powerful speech about diversity” …….Pass the Kalashnikov.

March 5, 2018

She won the Oscar for best woman actor…..

In this blogs annual report about the JewFest© known as “The Oscars” it was predicted that the winners would be +/- 90% Jewish…..give or take the odd black sambo etc.

Sure enough MacDormand is a horrid preaching jewess….Diversity….is a code word for anti white…..

Prediction this jewess will marry a non diverse Jew and when visiting Israel won’t be telling THEM about the “benefits of diversity” and if she did….they would tell her to go fuck herself.So this diversity thing is aimed at non Jews…..whites in particular.That’s why you are forever seeing European women in TV shows and films hitched up with Charlie from the chocolate factory.

Nicole Kidman from Australia was there….she purports to be a Christian of some sort…..a pack of lies of course.Her father was a convicted pedophile, by all accounts.

The good news is American viewers are deserting this bullshit like a sinking ship…..hopefully some of them are not buying the products advertised during the show.

Stand by for the mini Israel-fest in Hollywood…..

March 5, 2018

If you attended an awards ceremony in Israel you would expect most,if not all the awardees to be Jewish….

Don’t worry….you can have the same experience in Los Angeles….at the Oscars!!.

Tune into the awards and observe…..almost ALL of the award winners in ALL fields are of one race….Jewish.(exceptions can be Oscars given to minorities….for politically correct reasons)

So are Whites uniquely incapable of performing in the acting profession???.

NO!…..Hollywood and the movie industry are TOTALLY DOMINATED by the Jews.Jews actively exclude Whites from this industry….on the basis of race….Like Israel itself….Hollywood is infused with Jewish racism….from top to bottom…..

Ever wondered why there are no movies about Jewish Racism but many about “white racism”…..THIS IS YOUR ANSWER.

The Jews use the movie industry which they control to attack Europeans on every level.

A Movie COULD be made about Jewish slave traders and dealers….IF Hollywood was not owned by Jews….How about a movie about Meyer Lanksy and Al Capone both heavily involved in the mafia and organised crime….NO…not Italians…..JEWS!.

Now you might see that Mel Gibson the Australian/American actor/producer in the audience who produced Apocalypto…just for example….he is sold to the public as antisemitic….Infact he is nothing of the sort….he is a Marrano Catholic….the artificial controversy surrounding him conveys the impression that Jews don’t control Hollywood….so it’s all a pack of lies.

All those old arthritic scumbags who climb up onto the podium are JEWS…..then there are the new stars like Jennifer Lawrence….or representatives for the Latino community…for example Salma “DD’s” Hayek….she is a Jew and is married to a Jewish billionaire.J…”bubble-butt” Lo might show up too…..she is a Sephardic Jew like Hayek.


Simple…most Americans would have no idea that these racists are actually NOT “whites”….they’re Jews.

What about the moronic Arnold of Terminator fame and former governor of the ex Golden State….yes this ape is an Austrian origin crypto Jew.

The combined wealth of the audience at the Oscars would amount to thousands of millions of dollars…..just outside in the mean streets of downtown Los Angeles are tens of thousands of homeless people like  you might see in one of those Jewish produced end of the world movies….

The Jews are America’s misfortune…their greed and avarice has brought America to this point…..their financial crimes are legendary,their control over the pornography and gambling industry is well known….but they keep producing movies which cast Jews as innocent victims of intolerance and that’s what hits home….their conceited arrogance and veiled racism….and lies.

Racist lesbian Jewess Ellen Degenerate….engages in veiled anti European racism.

March 4, 2018

Some people may have noticed that all these Jewish talk show hosts,have a common feature…..”black assistants”.

While the host is a Jew passing themselves off as “whites” the sidekicks are usually blacks…..They have black backing bands etc.

Ellen the Jewish lesbian has just one….who sits on a podium, who laughs on command at Ellen’s pathetic “jokes”.

This week she had him teaching “White men to learn black dancing”….it goes without saying that the “Whiteman” made fools out of themselves…..just as the weirdo Degenerate planned.

All of this stuff revolves around the fact that none of the audience (almost all being “whites”) know they are being played by the jewess.Some of them hoping they will be invited on stage by the jewess where they can be humiliated for money.

All of this is far more obvious in the case of the jewess comedian Sarah Silverman…..a more disgusting specimen would be hard to find….her deliberate insulting of Jesus tells you all you need to know about this scum…..and goes some way to explaining why Jews have been so hated.

Needless to say….the insulting of Jewish religious figures is TOTALLY OFF LIMITS…..and would be classified as “antisemitism”.