The Herald The Whore which prefers CIA subsidies to truth

April 26, 2017

These were the words of Paul Craig Roberts about the media in America’s vassal states….INCLUDING NZ.

Thanks Paul….but NZers are beginning to figure that one out…..NZers recognise that the Herald is nothing more than a mouthpiece for government policy….and nowhere is that clearer than the Heralds slavish devotion to the New World Order ordered inundation of the West….with third world migrants.

THEY LIE LIKE A FUCKING WHORE TO DECEIVE NZERS TOO….NO WORRIES ABOUT THAT….no wonder their sales figures have gone into a terminal nose dive.

Trump backtracks on building wall…..Whadidya expect?!.

April 26, 2017

The question to ask here is….did Trump start out with the intention of not keeping his promises to the American voters?.

The answer is most likely YES.For example he whipped up the audiences with the slogan “lock ‘er up”…in regard to the grossly corrupt jewess Hillary Clinton….he certainly had no intention of following through on that….so the stated intention of building a wall was yet another Jewish trick.Make no mistake the fucking moron Trump is definitely a Jew….or crypto Jew since this fact remains well hidden.

Here lies the reason Americans retain the right to bear arms…..because,at a certain point governments become so corrupt that the only way to remove them is by force of arms… being a complete waste of time.

You can see this in France today…The whole of the privileged elite is against Le Pen ….The country is being invaded and nothing is done to stop it….

At the next round of French elections the opposition will use their money power to back Macron….who is the elites representative given his background in finance.The very worst sort of person to be representing the vast majority of people in France.Plus the fact he is a crypto Jew like Trump.

Trump could overcome the entrenched interests in the US by calling Americans to show up in Washington to express their support.He could….that is if he wasn’t part of the cabal of Jews who control the USA.

Jewish poisoner bags new jewess.

April 26, 2017

Heston Blumenthal is only successful in the media because he is a Jew….although some say he is actually an extraterrestrial on account of his weird appearance.

The celebrity chef gained notoriety after giving 500 ,of his guests food poisoning…..he wasn’t prosecuted…infact he got £200,000 pounds compensation from his insurers.The are a WHOLE lot of diners who were poisoned who are still fighting for compensation.The Jew Blumenthal would have paid off the most important customers….

Like so many of these high profile media Jews he is a flim flam artist…his high profile is all based on bullshit….Jewish bullshit.It was not by accident he set up shop in Melbourne since it is full of rich and influential Jews (like practically every western country Jews predominate in the elite)

Blumenthal has traded in his old wife for a new jewess from France.The Mail reckons she is a real estate agent who has a penchant for sex with extraterrestrials…..rather than rich and famous Zio-cooks/poisoners/charlatans.


NZ Leader of the opposition says “immigration needs to be cut by thousands”

April 26, 2017

IF YOU BELIEVE A WORD OF IT…you obviously have no understanding of politicians and how they are beholden to Global Jewish Power.

If Little was elected then NZers would be confronted with the scenario facing Americans today….They have discovered that the JEW TRUMP is betraying the voters on all the key issues he was elected on.The JEW LITTLE would pull exactly the same stunt once he was in office….

NZers have no one to vote for….because the main parties all have the SAME policy on immigration…..and the reason for that is…they are all following the same agenda….using the corrupted media to sell it…..guess who OWNS the media….a highly racist ethnic minority….the Jews.

Winston Peters reckons NZs biggest newspaper is deliberately misleading NZers on immigration.

April 26, 2017

The Auckland Herald is one of those joke newspapers….it never performs its role in society….investigating wrongdoing by members of the elite….which is hardly surprising since it is owned by elite JEWS…..

They have been deliberately misleading NZ by understating the numbers of Asian immigrants pouring into NZ…..THIS IS IN SUPPORT OF GLOBAL JEWRYS OBJECTIVES…otherwise known as The New World Order.

What about the expenses THIEF Bill gumboot English….he is part of the program….and he is just the sort of low life politician the oligarchs appreciate…he’s got his secrets and therefore can be controlled.

Incidently I have had Catholic wankers show up recently…….as a result of mentioning English and his light fingers.Let’s face it….English is a joke and totally subordinate to the dictates of International Jewish Power.

Winstone Peters needs to get real….IT IS ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS MAKING A COMPLAINT TO THE NEWSPAPER….the media does what it wants and it is ALWAYS in favour of mass alien immigration.The Editor will be a Freemason since he is a TOTAL CUNT….just like all the editor’s of the newspapers in London….and just like all the Jewish wankers who front NZ TV “news”.

The way the NZ TV news presents immigration is ALWAYS manipulative.

Example:….”NZ needs to put more money into building infrastructure”…

,,,,as a result of schools,hospitals,roads being under immense pressure from QUOTE….”NZ’s growing population”…you’ll notice it is not “as a result of Immigration”….THIS DEMONSTRATES WHY….in Western Countries the media is universally hated…..they either lie by omission of key facts or obfuscation….clouding the issue….

“Southern Charms” being paid to humiliate themselves.American Brain Dead TV.

April 25, 2017

Southern Charms is just another “reality tv” programme produced by the Jews in the US.

The programme is supposed to cover the activities of the wealthy class in the Southern States of the US…..

The players are supposedly paid around $10,000 per episode….which might be worth humiliating themselves for.The players are of course ignorant idiotic Americans….but they seem to have a remarkable lack of self awareness…they don’t seem to be aware that they are being made fools of… the Jews who produce this crap.

If you would like to make a documentary on the decline of America you could use Southern Charms as an example.One of the leading characters has a drug conviction record and is attempting to start a political career….now THIS does make sense…since American political life is utterly corrupt…..It is well known that the Clintons amassed over $100,000,000 dollars from their involvement in American politics BUT there are a WHOLE lot of other corrupt Americans who enter politics with the specific intention of lining their pockets….

Meantime….the American middle class continues to decline…..they’re the old fashioned moral Americans whom the filth depicted in this programme rely on to keep things ticking over….so they can feed off their honesty…..after all you can’t have everyone fleecing the system…society would collapse if they took up the behaviour of the monied corrupt class.

American society IS collapsing in slow motion though….a combination of drugs,breakdown of the family and white collar theft…..Will there be a “correction”….?…..Only when things get really bad….when that happens the millionaire wanker involved in drug dealing and corruption will likely find himself in hot water…..or at the end of a rope.Depends if middle class Americans ever figure out they have been had….when it becomes acceptable to air the fact on nationwide tv that you have a conviction for drug dealing AND running for political office….you know for certain there is something very wrong with America today.

Shortland Street …NZs premier soap celebrates 25 years of crimes against humanity.

April 25, 2017

They have been pushing the fact that Shortland Street has reached the milestone of 25 years…..which of course means there are some young Kiwis who have never known a time when this politically correct stupidity did not screen on NZ TV…..

Soap operas around the globe are used to educate (indoctrinate) thicko’s on how to behave politically correctively.

The soaps in Brazil do a roaring trade….primarily because of the ignorance of a great part of their society (how else would you explain Benny Hinn the crypto Jew Israeli being able to sell his old testament Christian preaching in Brazil…..nothing a magazine’s worth from a Kalashnikov wouldn’t fix)’

OK…..torture has been banned by international treaties….but SURELY you could make a case for at least,some mild torture for the APPALLING script writers of Shortland Street.How about Chinese water torture….the said script writers are strapped down and a constant drip of water lands on ’em…this would be almost as bad as watching a full episode of Shortland Street…..torture…

Then you could round up the continuity announcers who trumpet the achievements of Shortland Street…like being responsible for the death of millions of Kiwis brain cells….and let’s be sure about one thing….the people who watch Shortland Street cannot afford the loss of even one brain cell…!.


Will the French vote for ex banker Macron

April 24, 2017

No sensible person would EVER vote for an ex banker.(crypto Jew)

If Macron wins the presidency you have to question the sanity of half of the people living in France….OR the election has been rigged….and there is a distinct possibility of that happening.

Turns out Macron is a fudge packing Frog and his marriage to the blonde pensioner is a cover for that fact…They got married circa 2007. …which probably means he was being groomed for the top job….about this time.Take a close note of his association with the Rosthschilds….this is ALWAYS a bad sign.

If the French vote him in….all it will mean is MORE of the same….Trump is proving that point right at this minute.You cannot elect a Jewish president and expect anything different.

NZ is in danger of getting the “American Experience”….where all political candidates are pre selected by powerful Jewish businessmen…

The promotion of the woodwork teacher Gerri Brownlee to foreign minister… a worrying development…particularly if you take note of his secret visits to Israel….Plus there will be the additional costs for the taxpayer….widening doorways in parliament so the massive BLOATER can fit through them.

You begin to wonder if there is some sort of regulation with the selection of MPs…..”Must be at least overweight…or preferably someone who eats too much…way too much”

Keep in mind that there is now a homosexual cabal firmly established within the NZ parliament….VERY CREEPY INDEED…..

IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING THAT JEWS PREDOMINATE HERE…..most of these Jews….are crypto Jews….that is they keep their ethnicity well under wraps (always be on the alert for Catholics in top political positions….they are usually Marranos….like John Kerry and the poisonous dwarf Madeline Albright.)

Highly unlikely Le Pen will win presidential election.

April 23, 2017

A lot of people have compared Le Pen to the fucking idiot Trump….especially the way Trump beat the odds to become president…

The difference is Le Pen is not a Jew…unlike kosher Trump….so it is highly unlikely Le Pen will be allowed to win the presidency…

Also Le Pens opponent looks like he is a crypto Jew…..Normally Global Jews Inc like to run both candidates….like at the last British and French elections….Miliband and Cameron BOTH Jews and Sarkozy and Hollande BOTH Jews.

One thing is for sure….If Le Pen does by a miracle win….the leftists in France will attempt to set France alight.If Le Pen doesn’t win then France is going to go into rapid decline….with hordes of invaders crossing France’s borders.Question:what sane rational person would invite the destruction of their own country??….one who is committed to an ideology,that’s who….



The gunshot crew

April 23, 2017

Does not make the slightest difference…one way or the other.TWATS.