Zio Trump makes noises about being hampered by government….

April 30, 2017

You’ll get more of this stuff in the coming years….then the elite will suggest that a temporary all powerful president is required to get things in order…..which will ultimately result in a permanent president….for the good of America….of course….is all this inevitable??…

Well it will happen as long as Americans keep voting for dud presidents controlled by the Jewish elite……who appoint other Jews to all the top jobs…..

Trouble is any real candidate for the presidency will be prevented from taking office….

You can see this in France today Marine Le Pen is going to have the whole money power against her…convincing the public she is bad news….when infact a Le Pen type candidate is precisely what France needs…ESPECIALLY to bring the invasion of France/Europe under control.

It is better that a Le Pen type politician takes over for a set period of time rather than having a politician IMPOSED on the country.Thus the French will be able to vote Le Pen out in five years time if she does not cut the French mustard.

Just compare the fucking moron leaders Americans get with the European leaders…….In recent years all the US presidents have been a joke….Now America is witnessing the rise of trash politicians to influential positions….The super-wimp Lindsay Graham for example or the zio-wimp McCain….

It won’t be long before leading politicians start showing up at the “colosseum” to increase their popularity with the proletariat….

Around 90,000 poms showed up at the recent heavyweight farce at Wembley stadium in London.Neither of the contenders was British….One a Jew and the other of African origin.This follows the pattern in Ancient Rome where gladiators were brought in from the Empires conquered territory to entertain Romans……The circuses part of Bread and Circuses.

Obviously the Aristocratic/patrician class in Britain may well recognise what is going on….that is if they are not taking drugs or buggering gays…..or having intimate conversations with plants.




Jew Trump promises Americans he won’t do anything he has no right to do.

April 29, 2017

He told the NRA he will never interfere with the right of Americans to gun ownership.

How many Americans will tell Trump to fuck off on his worthless promises since gun ownership is guaranteed by the American constitution…..he has no right to interfere one way or the other.

The Jew Trump shows up at gun lobby.

April 29, 2017

So what is he ACTUALLY doing?.It’s a PR exercise…designed to con Americans into believing that Jew Trump is living up to his campaign promises…..AND given the widespread ignorance and stupidity of Americans the dumbed down idiots might actually believe the Jewish cunt…

He is still involving Americans in wars overseas….he has not built any wall and the Jewish CRIMINAL Hillary Clinton is still at liberty.He HAS reduced taxes for the super rich who have spent the last 30 years screwing the American economy into the ground and stealing BILLIONS of dollars…..the Jew Madoff being the tip of the iceberg.

The Jewish owned media has been complicit in the deceiving of Americans.They have fake interviews with supposed ordinary Americans…who say “well I didn’t vote for Trump last time…but I would now,he seems to be doing a good job”….total bullshit of course.

The reality is Trumps support has dropped off…as Americans suspect they have been conned again…just like during the disastrous years of Obama…an era which the media promotes as “good”…..Obama achieved NOTHING in eight years…except to get America embroiled in more wars.

Watch as the fuckwit Trump does pretty much the same sort of thing.Immigrants from the third world will continue to pour into NZ…Drug related crime will continue to climb,American wages will stagnate and the Jewish Ruling Class will get richer and richer….Israel will continue to steal billions and billions of dollars from American taxpayers….all the usual stuff infact.

It is no different across the Atlantic…in Britain…a crypto Jew masquerading as a “Vicars daughter”….MAY….has NOT put a halt to the third world invasion…infact she has helped it by ordering British Navy vessels to pick up invaders and bring them to Britain…..Drugs continue to be a blight on all urban areas of Britain.The infrastructure groaning under the weight of hundreds of thousands of invaders every year….



Immigration NZ runs promo clips on You Tube.

April 27, 2017

Strangely comments on these short videos have been disabled….since NZ is a democracy you would think comments by NZers would be welcomed…unless of course the govt does not want comment from NZers….that is NZers who don’t agree with govt policies….

Which would not be surprising since NZers have no say whatsoever on the immigration policy…none,zero,nada.

At this point it is as well to mention Tony Blair’s immigration policy in Britain….Only because of a secret report released into the public realm…did people discover Blair’s secret plan to fundamentally change the makeup of British society via mass alien immigration…..That is opening the borders of Britain to all and sundry.Needless to say the British public was never consulted….as befits a fake democracy.Just as the British public was duped in order to allow the zio-oligarchy to wage war on Israel’s enemy Iraq….better for British troops to die rather than Jews in Israel.Contact the former American congresswoman Cynthia McKinney to find out the detail on that one….Note:”FORMER”……former is what happens to any political representative who does not adher to Jewish dictats..A British MP who criticised Israeli/jewish racism (some mild relatively innocuous comments) has just been stood down and will not be standing at the next election.

You can’t help commenting that we are witnessing the early stages of Jewish tyranny in the West…like that featured in the former USSR…..as the enormous hypocrisy of the Jews becomes all too evident….that is complaining about persecution and suffering while inflicting the very same on Palestinians.

NOTE:The immigration promos do not feature Chinese immigrants who have made MILLIONS from importing drug constituents which have had a very negative effect on NZ CITIZENS….

I am expecting “trouble” from the NZ govt….sooner or later…..it is the price you pay.This “trouble” always comes in the form that is not directly related to your exercising you rights to free speech…..that way the illusion of free speech can be maintained.

You’ll notice that the Australian (Assange)holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London is not being targeted (currently) for releasing information….BUT RATHER ….trumped up rape charges in Sweden!!….THATS HOW THEY DO IT!’

There is a secret program by the NZ govt to hugely increase NZs population via mass immigration….This is NOT democracy as it is commonly understood….SINCE NZers do not have any say AT ALL on this matter…NONE.

Jew wanker TRUMP has not confined himself to giving huge tax breaks to his rich Jew mates.

April 27, 2017

Trumps gang are also removing laws concerning animal welfare….making it easier for circuses to abuse animals and laboratories to abuse animals.

Which us precisely what you would expect from this JEW OAF…..

The trouble is Americans were not given any choice at the election….you could either vote for a corrupt Jew or a corrupt jewess…

Americans will realise eventually…that the whole political process is run by Jews…..

US commander in the Pacific (un)Admirable Harry Harris

April 27, 2017

Like almost all of the top brass in America’s military HARRIS is a Jew…or more accurately a crypto Jew (like Mad Dog Mattis)

Combine this fact with the Jews control over virtually all branches of the US govt…then setting up a false flag like 9/11 is or was a breeze.

It also explains how setting up wars…is no trouble at all.NOTE…Trump is of course a Jew..but in his case even the average person could work that one out…because high end real estate in NY is the sole preserve of the Jews….no if’s buts or maybe’s….NY is,after all known as “Hymie Town”….

The Jewish fiends maybe planning another false flag….How about a nuke set off in a remote part of Australia and blamed on Nth Koreans….Keep in mind Australia is also in the thrall of the Jews…so they may have installed the equivalent of Harris in the Australian navy….

(Put it like this….if a Western nation is being flooded with third world immigrants….it is a very good indicator the Jews are calling the shots in that country.)



The Herald The Whore which prefers CIA subsidies to truth

April 26, 2017

These were the words of Paul Craig Roberts about the media in America’s vassal states….INCLUDING NZ.

Thanks Paul….but NZers are beginning to figure that one out…..NZers recognise that the Herald is nothing more than a mouthpiece for government policy….and nowhere is that clearer than the Heralds slavish devotion to the New World Order ordered inundation of the West….with third world migrants.

THEY LIE LIKE A FUCKING WHORE TO DECEIVE NZERS TOO….NO WORRIES ABOUT THAT….no wonder their sales figures have gone into a terminal nose dive.

Trump backtracks on building wall…..Whadidya expect?!.

April 26, 2017

The question to ask here is….did Trump start out with the intention of not keeping his promises to the American voters?.

The answer is most likely YES.For example he whipped up the audiences with the slogan “lock ‘er up”…in regard to the grossly corrupt jewess Hillary Clinton….he certainly had no intention of following through on that….so the stated intention of building a wall was yet another Jewish trick.Make no mistake the fucking moron Trump is definitely a Jew….or crypto Jew since this fact remains well hidden.

Here lies the reason Americans retain the right to bear arms…..because,at a certain point governments become so corrupt that the only way to remove them is by force of arms…..voting being a complete waste of time.

You can see this in France today…The whole of the privileged elite is against Le Pen ….The country is being invaded and nothing is done to stop it….

At the next round of French elections the opposition will use their money power to back Macron….who is the elites representative given his background in finance.The very worst sort of person to be representing the vast majority of people in France.Plus the fact he is a crypto Jew like Trump.

Trump could overcome the entrenched interests in the US by calling Americans to show up in Washington to express their support.He could….that is if he wasn’t part of the cabal of Jews who control the USA.

Jewish poisoner bags new jewess.

April 26, 2017

Heston Blumenthal is only successful in the media because he is a Jew….although some say he is actually an extraterrestrial on account of his weird appearance.

The celebrity chef gained notoriety after giving 500 ,of his guests food poisoning…..he wasn’t prosecuted…infact he got £200,000 pounds compensation from his insurers.The are a WHOLE lot of diners who were poisoned who are still fighting for compensation.The Jew Blumenthal would have paid off the most important customers….

Like so many of these high profile media Jews he is a flim flam artist…his high profile is all based on bullshit….Jewish bullshit.It was not by accident he set up shop in Melbourne since it is full of rich and influential Jews (like practically every western country Jews predominate in the elite)

Blumenthal has traded in his old wife for a new jewess from France.The Mail reckons she is a real estate agent who has a penchant for sex with extraterrestrials…..rather than rich and famous Zio-cooks/poisoners/charlatans.


NZ Leader of the opposition says “immigration needs to be cut by thousands”

April 26, 2017

IF YOU BELIEVE A WORD OF IT…you obviously have no understanding of politicians and how they are beholden to Global Jewish Power.

If Little was elected then NZers would be confronted with the scenario facing Americans today….They have discovered that the JEW TRUMP is betraying the voters on all the key issues he was elected on.The JEW LITTLE would pull exactly the same stunt once he was in office….

NZers have no one to vote for….because the main parties all have the SAME policy on immigration…..and the reason for that is…they are all following the same agenda….using the corrupted media to sell it…..guess who OWNS the media….a highly racist ethnic minority….the Jews.