Jamie Oliver allows his kids to swear on just one day a year….according to the Mail.

December 15, 2017

Christmas day…..

This all sounds very odd…MOST people would ban their children from swearing on Christmas day??!.

Explanation….Oliver is a crypto Jew….that is a Jew who does not advertise his ethnicity.

Jews have an irrational hatred of Jesus and any celebrations….like Christmas.

There is something fundamentally wrong with these people….they can live within other societies and become rich and yet conceal their hatred….and this behaviour lasts over generations.Why doesn’t he take his pathetic pub cookery and Spivvy cockney patter and go live in Israel….where he can be like Sarah Silverman the absolutely gross jewess comedian and say she would “kill Jesus again”.

From Happy Christmas to Happy Holidays…The transitional phase.

December 15, 2017

You can’t simply impose the idea of Happy Holidays….not in a democracy anyway….nor can you go around destroying churches as the Jews did in the Soviet Union.

First you have to get the people accustomed to the idea that Happy Holidays is an acceptable alternative for Happy Christmas…..

That is precisely what is happening to the “Great Satan” i.e. America today.

Shows like Ellen Degenerate (lesbian jewess) mixes things up a little by predominantly using Happy Holidays and occasionally throwing in Happy Christmas.

Once Americans are accustomed to this “Happy Christmas” will gradually fade away……

AND if the giant Menorah outside the Whitehouse is anything to go by….an increase in the incidence of “Hannuka” being spoken of will increase….

When will,if ever, genuine mainstream Christians notice all this.Remember we are not talking about FAKE Christians like Benny Hinn who invites Rabbi’s onto his stage show….or another one like Ruth Meyer.Both of these two are crypto Jews.

They had BETTER notice AND do something about it otherwise Global Jewry is going to destroy Christianity.Strangely enough the fiends are having trouble with third world Christians who are proving difficult by not (for example) approving of homosexuality.

The anti Christmas/christian bias of the Jewish run media in America is now becoming noticeable to even the dumbest Christian….Christianity is routinely mocked by the show Family Guy….which is hardly surprising since it is entirely produced by media Jews….it is the cumulative effect…..of course,not isolated examples.

Then of course the Jews are swamping western countries with Muslim immigrants ….Jews get away with this by adopting the identity of the host country…..crypto Jews in other words.

If people in Europe KNEW that Macron,May and Merkel are actually Jews then they could put two and two together.

Never mind the BS that May is “the daughter of a vicar” ….it is just another lie.

The fact that Prince Charles was circumcised by a Rabbi….is not a lie.

Paul McCartney to hold concert in NZ….

December 14, 2017

Looks like Macca is getting a free summer holiday from freezing Britain…Before booking check his performance at the Olympics….he wasn’t even singing in tune!!!.

No doubt Zio-Macca and his American Zio-WIFE will take a spin around hugely expensive resorts in NZ.

Most likely McCartney will bring a team of support singers and high powered electronics to cover up his out of tune warbling.

The trouble is some of these pop stars don’t know when to call it a day….it’s the “Buzz” they are after rather than the money….McCartney is worth HUNDREDS of millions of pounds…..no doubt some of it donated to Jewish causes….perhaps bullet purchases for the suffering Jews in Israel.

Mindless sycophantic pap….The Daily Mail and the Zio-Octoroon addition to the ongoing soap opera…The Windsor-steins

December 14, 2017

According to the latest Mail headline Meghan Markle has transformed the Royal Family……It is utter pap of course….absolute drivel…maybe the writer is on a retainer for the Windsors?….

It is just possible the gormless kid Harry and his exotic actress wife are going to go for the adoption routine common with many high profile celebrities like Madonna and that skinny fruitcake Angelina.

Hey why not adopt a third world kid…it will hasten the decline of Britain…..may,as well get it over with….as the moron class in Britain copy their example.

The ArchBiship-hop of Canterbury who is a crypto Jew….. incidently,……has joined the fray and praised the faith and fun of the couple…..QUESTION…will they do the glass smashing trick in public or will they do it behind closed doors (the origin of this nonsense is Jewish)……

Judging from Daily Mail comments there are still plenty of Poms in touch with reality…..mocking the toady journalist mercilessly!!.

Ecuador’s vice president sentenced to six years for taking bribes from Brazilian company

December 14, 2017

Good old Jorge Glas living up to South American traditions….The surprising thing is the case even came to court?…

Jorge is of course a crypto Jew…what’s the bet he is masquerading as a Catholic…a Marrano in other words.He will end up in one of those luxury prisons for the wealthy you find on the whole American continent…..a two tier justice system guaranteed to inspire confidence from your average peon.

There is some sort of very fishy business going on in Argentina right now???.

December 13, 2017

It’s hard to figure out exactly what….but I have had two “baits” laid out just recently…..in order to get a reaction…..This is yet another technique used by the intelligence services….they throw a bait out to see what they can catch and what reaction follows…thereby hoping to catch something useful…..in return.

One thing is for sure….if you are visiting Argentina on holiday for example (or any other time) on no account mention anything relating to political matters…..in other words stay away from politics at all costs….there are too many weird freaks with weird politics…..Keep in mind what happened to the Top Gear crew…..The freaking dumb pricks in Argentina thought they would advance their cause by harassing the Top Gear crew…..AS IF THEIR ACTIONS WOULD CHANGE ANYTHING….UTTER MORONS….

But don’t expect rational behaviour from the proletariat…..

Another problem is if you have made political comments in your own country…The intelligence services might fit you up with  a reputation (bullshit) to see what comes out of the woodwork…..

No wonder that Australian is holed up in an embassy…..they tried to fit Assange up on a rape charge!!.

Golden rule especially for naive Kiwis who have never experienced true tyranny……keep your gob shut!…..no matter how “normal” things may seem on the surface.It’s a nasty old world out there….on the other hand ordinary people can be the friendliest you’ll meet….

Whistling Zio-ess encountered in town..Shapeshifter© alert.

December 13, 2017

I couldn’t work out if she was an Israeli or a homegrown jewess…..Anyway she was overdoing the Whistling that’s for real…..A burst of Zio-Scram personal protection spray would have done the trick but I had my hands tied up with carrying my shopping and a Kalashnikov which are bloody unwieldy at the best of times.

One thing was for sure she was on the verge of Shapeshifting (see David Icke).

What happens is ….when these Israeli Jewesses hit thirty they immediately start shapeshifting……from relatively svelte to big fat blobs…..BUT they still remain dangerous,have no doubts about that……their historical poisoning exploits are famous.

Salman Hayek (Latina crypto) reveals she was targeted Jew-Monster® Harvey Weinstein

December 13, 2017

Weinstein wanted Salma to show more skin in a movie……So obviously Harvey ain’t all bad…..Salma’s two famous assets would have been revealed for the public benefit…..

So Weinstein was principally concerned for the public good…..Salma’s big bouncing bountiful beauts on screen would have a positive effect on the public mood……nothing wrong with that especially if she was dressed in a Santa’s suit…..perfect for the festive season.

Salma is married to a zio-billionaire© so Weinstein is going to find himself in a shit load of trouble.

In Hollywood there are a hundred other Weinsteins yet to be revealed to the public and they are all JEWS….time for another Holocau$t propaganda movie of eternal suffering……

The new Star Wars…and the Top Gear strategy.

December 13, 2017

As is becoming more widely known these days….thanks entirely to the internet…The entertainment industry is entirely controlled by Jews…..particularly in Britain France and the US.

Hollywood just doesn’t ONLY produce movies for entertainment purposes….movies are also made to manipulate public opinion….propaganda in other words.

The BBC which has an executive level of staff who are mostly crypto Jews….

Thus we see innocuous programmes like Top Gear (the old one) being Politically Corrected by the Jews….and REPLACED by an officially licenced political correct version.The three front men being two crypto Jews and an African and not a European native Briton in sight…..which is just how the Jews like it.So the African got the job based on his race and so too the other two….which of course is racism against Whites by Jews…..well concealed racism.

In a bit of a replay…The film Star Wars (pathetic childish infantile nonsense suitable for under fifteens….or to be on the safe side….under twelves)….The Jews have appointed an African with reasonable English fluency to one of the starring roles.

At this stage there are NO EUROPEAN BRITISH NATIVES EMPLOYED ON THE FILM….they are either Jews or an assortment of minorities.

Anyone would think the Jews have something against Europeans…..and they would be right…..Basically it is all to do with strategies employed by the Jews when living in a country (if they ever get a grip on China and Japan….they’ll get the same treatment.In Japan for example….The Jews would align themselves with disgruntled Koreans who.live in Japan.)

Note….The multiculturalising of Britain will mark the death knell of Britain…..in slow motion….and by the time anyone realises what happened it will be all over bar the shouting and there’ll be a lot of that going on.

Britain….on the path to destruction.

December 13, 2017

One of the signs of a nation in trouble is the inability to elect a decent leader.This usually happens because opposing factions neutralise each other so much so that you end up with a compromise leader guaranteed to disappoint everyone.

The Poms have elected a doddering old grandmother figure who in normal times would not ever be considered as a leader.

The country is also in the grip of an ideology which prevents common sense decisions being made because everything has to conform to the ideology (see Nth Korea vs Sth Korea)

Other troubling signs are…

An all seeing security apparatus which infiltrates everything BUT does nothing to target organised crime because they usually come across the involvement of the ruling class.

Widespread corruption .

Minority Rule by a minority ethnic group.

A absolutely massive drug problem which now has impacted the ruling class.

Britain is on a downward trajectory and if the last 50 years are anything to go by….another 50 will end it all.

In the past …..invaders of failing civilisations carried weapons of war…this time around they are armed to the teeth with DNA…..and are actually being INVITED to invade by the treacherous elite who are the approximate equivalent of the “gate openers” of Constantinople and Ancient Rome.