Under surveillance….

January 18, 2018

I’ve mentioned this crap before…anyway……

Walking back from town and there is a suspicious car parked opposite.The occupant is on a phone.Okay let’s check if I’m right…..Yep!….as I deliberately move toward the car…..he moves the cell phone around to help obscure his face….

I notice that the neighbours trees are dying because of the extended drought….but the owners are absent.I give the trees an extended soaking with a hose….some of this must have either been caught on a surveillance camera or a crypto Jew noticed it from the road.

Next a watching committee shows up awaiting a repeat criminal watering of dying trees….to see what was actually happening….most likely they are CRYPTO JEWS…..part of the network.

The Jews have also installed a part Looney jew nearby…..he has made number of offensive comments so far…Jews Inc employ nutter-jews© to incite trouble.If you put them in their place they dial up activist Jews who are often border line criminals or psychopaths like Al Capone.

So the Jewish freak dials up what you could call a Jewish henchman….He hung around outside my flat for a time.

This is the THIRD time this untermensch nutter (he is literally insane by the look of him) has hung around.First at a Jewish dentist in Queenstown,next at a Jewish physiotherapist in Wanaka and third outside the flat.

He is obviously connected to some sort of jewish/zionist activist group perhaps connected to Israel….like the Jewish cunts in London with their security cars painted to look like police cars…PAID FOR BY BRITISH TAXPAYERS….Theresa May could fill in the details of that one since she is a crypto Jew who dined with the Chief Rabbi apon being elected Prime Minister!!.

Looking after trees (probably a psychological problem!) has got me into trouble previously.A plain clothed police officer approached my car and said….”we have had reports of you poisoning trees”……the “poison” in question???….pellet fertilizer.Someone had reported me “poisoning trees”.

Windsors go on all out charm offensive with third world kids….brought into Britain by Global Jews Inc.

January 18, 2018

And that’s not the only good news on the enriching benefits of Zio-diversity.

Another hand grenade has just gone off in Malmo Sweden…..enriching a police station with grenade fragments.

Yes….the Windsor proactive charm offensive….(not directed at native born British people you should note) is up and running…..Kate Middlestein is not just shaking hands with the kids….but gives them a hug to send them on their way….all covered in glorious Technicolor by the fawning Jewish controlled media.

So far Ginger-Nuts and Middlestein are the chief huggers….they make a good team.Shame they don’t see fit to do the same with British children.

Now keep in mind Kate Middletons mother is easily identified as your common or garden variety CRYPTO Jew.Her uncle who lives on one of those drug drenched  Spanish Islands….is as common as muck and puts the dodge into dodgy.

Either Britain overthrows the rule of the racist minority which rules Britain or they can say goodbye to at least one thousand years of history….at this point this seems highly unlikely.

The turning point was probably the arrival of Oliver Cromwell onto the scene (responsible for horrendous war crimes in Ireland).Cromwell was very likely to have been a Jew).

At what point did the Jews take over the British Monarchy?…..Sometime between Henry the 8th and Queen Victoria…..Probably achieved via substitution…..keeping in mind MOST of the population had no idea what their monarch actually looked like….in the flesh.

“MAKHLOUF”…weird name for a Kiwi?..WTF!?.

January 17, 2018

There is an individual who is a big shot in NZ government finance circles…his name is Gabriel Makhlouf (Sephardic)

Recently he has been promoting “diversity policies” in NZ along with that famous monster politician Jennifer Shipley……or as she is known in public “Shitley”.

Now….believe it or not BOTH these two politicians are actually JEWISH….funny enough but you will NEVER see their ethnicity mentioned in the media.

So BOTH these  two Jew-creeps© are promoting policies which have a negative impact on Europeans both financially and culturally…

….The sales pitch for “diversity” is,many and varied.”Diversity is strength” for example a 1984 style slogan…It’s a lie of course……in the Jews headquarters…..Israel……,it’s Jews only…..

One thing diversity IS good for is maintaining the position of the elite because it makes cohesive action against the elite difficult.Currently the USA closely resembles South Africa under Apartheid…..a minority ethnic group holds the reins of power….where it differs is the removal of the racist ethnic group in the USA would result in a cultural renaissance in the West.(rather than the looming chaos in South Africa)

The Herald in Auckland is making a name for itself these days….by becoming noted for CONSTANTLY promoting “diversity issues”…..it seems to be almost an obsession with the cunts….

….and before you ask….YES!….it is owned by Jewish interests…..like almost all the media in the West…..one of the most extreme examples being the BBC.Rather than being owned by Jews…money is forcibly extracted from the public to pay for the privilege of being brainwashed….by the Jews.ALL the top positions are occupied by Jews….usually crypto Jews.

Hardly anyone buys the Herald these days…..that is ordinary Kiwis….IS IT ANY WONDER…..The headline today is about the All Black Sonny Bill Williams trip to Mecca….another one of his publicity stunts.

NZ Christians should STOP buying this rubbish Jewish owned newspaper and especially,boycott the companies that advertise in it……Keep in mind that if the FAT CORRUPT  ZIO-APE SHIPLEY and her mates are not stopped….they will wreck the country……



Another Indian doctor immigrant involved in sexual misconduct……

January 17, 2018

Will he be jailed….NO……Will he be deported NO.

WHO IS REALLY RESPONSIBLE HERE?.The previous minister of immigration…..HE should suffer the consequences of deliberately exposing NZers to RISK…..from rogue third world doctors.

This one is a homosexual…..his victims should consider taking direct action…..BECAUSE THE NZ GOVT DOESNT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT NZERS….it houses people from abroad BEFORE housing NZers THAT IS HOW BAD IT IS!!.

Jews in Africa….

January 17, 2018

In south and east Africa there are “pockets” of Jews who are all but invisible…..the surrounding populations think they are “whites”.

As an example are the owners of an hotel outside Nairobi….the hotel is famous for its garden giraffes….known as the Rothschilds Giraffe…..The Rothschilds frequented these parts….no doubt looking for ways to extract wealth from Kenya.

The same crypto Jewish family own a few up market safari camps where the super rich from the US and Europe come to get away from it all (all the theft and corruption that they’re involved in that is).Richard Branstein has visited the Giraffe hotel….perhaps celebrating his huge money making scam with British Rail….

No One seems to ask the obvious question…..why did Mugabe throw Europeans off their farms in Zimbabwae….while at the same time allowing the Jewish rent racketeer Van Hoogstraten to buy up large areas of land in the country??…..it really does not make sense….UNLESS…..this POF has connections to people the Western media don’t want to mention.

Europeans really need to take on board what has happened in Southern Africa…..remembering that it was the Jew Joe Slovo who organised the arming of the ANC….

The Jews are going to do the same to other European countries once they build up the numbers of immigrants to a point where they can be armed by international Jewish arms dealers…funded by the likes of Soros.

Note…..The absolute circus in the White House is NOT coincidental to the Jews having achieved absolute ascendancy in the United States.

Ever wondered how the mossad manages to be so well informed about everything…..each and every one of these Jews in Africa is a spy and feed information back to Spies Inc in Tel Aviv……

Paddy Ashdown the former pommie liberal MP is worried that “human rights are being eroded in Hong Kong”

January 16, 2018

Meantime in the REAL world an Australian citizen in an Embassy in London is too afraid to come out of the Embassy….fearing arrest by that shining beacon of democracy….Airstrip One.

“But the people arrested in Hong Kong are criminals.”..according to the authorities…..,Which is PRECISELY what the British govt says about Assange…

Oh the screaming hypocrisy of it all.

Meantime Britons are being arrested on a weekly basis for exercising their right to free speech….A law abiding woman has just been arrested for writing politically incorrect songs about Jews.

Ashdown is very much part of the elite….he was once known as Paddy Pantsdown.You can.bet he is a creepy freemason.

People in glasshouses should not throw Stones…..First put you own house in order Pantsdown before lecturing others about the loss of democratic freedoms …ask ya mates at MI5 HQ about that ya cunt….you know,the ones that continually break the law infiltrating completely legal political parties.

UKIP in Britain seems to be exhibiting signs of MI5 disruption strategies.

January 15, 2018

MI5 the British Secret Police,do not work for the British people,although they are paid by them via heavy taxes on the Middle Class…..(hence the phrase…”no taxation without representation”).Rather MI5 works for the interests of the elite.(Organised crime running huge drug rackets would have been busted years ago if MI5 REALLY worked for the British public.)

Competitors for the prize of governing a country have to be seen off….otherwise the interests of the elite may be harmed.

This is where MI5 fits into the picture.

Although they like to depict themselves as protecting the interests of the country…..in a corrupted system they really just protect the elite…..Any half wit can recognise that the massive influx of low IQ alien people into Britain brings nothing but harm,especially in the long term….BUT any resistance to the invasion is automatically targeted by the elite.Remember that the elite benefits from massive uncontrolled immigration….and they are the ONLY sector of society that does.

So what MI5 does is infiltrate and disrupt any political party which does not support the status quo…..

This looks like the case of UKIP….with the current leader shacking up with a glamour model…..Ancient Rome all over again.So the good reputation of UKIP has all but come to an end…..another year or two and it will cease to exist

The only question that remains to be answered is WHO are the MI5 agents within the party.

The garralous prick Farage has recently taken to wearing a wanker style homburg  hat…..Was Farage one of them or was he bought off at a later stage.

What about the current weasel who left his wife to set up with a glamour model…..has this prick been suckerpunched with a honey trap….OR…the whole thing is fake and the cunt will get back with his wife once the desired effect is achieved….UKIP’s reputation damaged irreparably.

All that is required is weak individuals prepared to compromise their principles IF they had any to start with.

Recall the former MI6 spy discovered in a sports bag who had a penchant for wearing women’s clothes…..just contemplate any organisation prepared to employ an obvious nutter like this…..totally unstable with a probable whole raft of subsidiary weirdness.As batty as a fruit bat.

Put it like this…..if you transported British citizens from the 1950’s to today….they would notice two things immediately…..no “pea soupers”….that is smog and pollution so thick as to resemble pea soup…..AND

The mysterious absence of British people walking the streets of London….they would assume that an invasion had taken place AND THEY WOULD BE FUCKING RIGHT…..what they wouldn’t realise ….was the invasion had been invited by the treacherous elite and cultivated by the elite by arranging  contrived marriages….for political purposes…..TO DUPE AND MANIPULATE THE BRITISH PUBLIC AGAINST THEIR BETTER INTERESTS.



TV1 NZs premier Jewish run TV station runs another immigration promo.

January 14, 2018

This time around a Jewish reporter in Dunedin is talking to some refugees who the Jewish controlled NZ GOVT has settled in Dunedin…..MEANTIME IN THE REAL WORLD…..40,000 homeless NZers remain homeless.

The reporter instructed the Syrian what to say….”thankyou,thankyou”……

Ok THIS is the early days of immigration.Some people may recall those idiotic brainwashed Germans with their signs “Refugees Welcome”…well only the masochists among them are doing this now…..Perhaps some of them may have had regrets about the student who was raped and murdered by refugees….

Once these immigrants start forgetting where they have come from and the rights that are extended to them…..THEN THE WHOLE SCENARIO CHANGES……they start abusing their welcome once they figure out just how soft and stupid westerners are…..Whereas the police in their home country abuse them…when they don’t get the same in the West….this,acts as a green light for crime.

Always remember just WHO is imposing this mass alien immigration on NZ…..it is ACTUALLY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO HAVE BROUGHT WAR AND TERROR TO THE REFUGEES HOME COUNTRY!!

The globalist Jews HAVE to be stopped BEFORE they put the lights out on Western civilisation…..you should expect another world war in the near future…..anyone who allows their relatives to be sent abroad to fight it….really needs to think things through.

What DID they tell the relatives of Australians sent to Palestine in WW1….the relatives of the dead soldiers who came back in coffins.

Probably the same they told the relatives of the 50,000 Americans who died in Vietnam….they were fighting for their freedom…..some Americans may have noticed that their country today has considerably LESS freedom than existed 40 odd years ago….!!WTF?.

The great Australian Race Riots….by Peter FitzSimons.

January 14, 2018

This is a superbly constructed TV documentary produced by Western Civilisations good buddies….the Jews.

Their choice of FitzSimons as the presenter is a master stroke.He is not your usual presenter,not by any means…he is a grizzled badly dressed individual with a face that looks like it has been through the wringer.He even appears to suffer from rugby player induced arthritis….

He is precisely the sort of individual you would choose if you wanted to connect with small town Aussies….

The trouble is….what you see is emphatically NOT what you get since FitzSimins is a crypto Jew….which perhaps explains why almost all of his “experts” he refers to are other Jews….only one of whom is obviously Jewish.The rest are your perfectly disguised crypto Jews.

The directors producers are from the same tribe….Trouble Incorporated.

Naturally the most racist racists “whites” are public enemy number one.FitzSimons manipulates the viewers by selective use of the facts…..but there is a constant….”whites are racists”.

Infact the REAL racists are the Jews themselves…..that fact is borne out by the situation in Israel today……how about the massacre of a whole village of minorities and disembowelling pregnant women and throwing them down the village well.Jews form the elite class in Australia BUT they hide in the shadows….most of the billionaires are Jews even some with a DIRECT CONNECTION to the racist state.Packer  junior (Kerry packer s son) has recently spent a lot of time in Israel!.

What this son of a bitch won’t tell Australians is the Jews use of Australians to throw the Ottomans out of Palestine via the Jewish General MONASH…..so many Australians died fighting wars for the Jews…..a replay of what is happening today in the Middle East,only this time it’s Americans who are doing the dying.

So where is all this stuff heading….the Jews unceasing attacks on Europeans or “whites”……can ONLY lead to one inevitable conclusion…..white genocide.

But FIRST they have to build up the numbers of immigrants……and they are doing just that and encourage mixed marriage……THIS IS WHAT Prince Harry is currently about…..only with a twist….since while most people think his girlfriend is black…..she is actually Jewish….A superb deception.

Peter FitzSimons is deliberately misleading the Australian public….he is a Jewish supremacist…..and believes he has the right to lecture Australians about racism…..the arrogance is breathtaking…..and he will be well rewarded for his treachery….by the Jewish elite who will publicise FitzSimons magnificent contributions to Australia via the media which Jews own and control…..he may even get a medal from the Australian Prime Minister…..Jewish Prime Minister….TURNBULL…..or his Jewish deputy.

The next episode according to FitzSimons ….will cover Australians travelling to Europe to fight in WW2….according to FitzSimons they did this to fight racism and intolerance and freedom.Once again Fitzsimons weaves current political correctness into historical events…..(see Orwells 1984 )

FitzSimons ….you could speculate….has a “blackmailable” background….there is something not quite right about him.

The FRANCO conundrum……

January 14, 2018

A Hollywood actor-Jew has been in the news for sexual harassment infact all the Hollywood bastards are Jews….the whole damn lot of them.

Infact FRANCO is a Sephardic Jewish name….so it is hardly surprising that this greasy bastard is a Jew….

On the other hand there is FRANCO the Spanish fascist dictator…..This shows the dangers of forgetting history….because if anyone should know about Jews it is the Spanish.

They eventually had to expel all the Jews as they had taken over the country…..like Britain and America today…..

Franco took the step of ensuring against a counter coup against him by having a Moroccan Islamic (they may very well have been Moroccan crypto Jews) bodyguard…which might seem strange to the Catholic majority but it is an effective strategy…..because the bodyguards are effectively isolated from the surrounding population.

(It also raises a question about the elite Christian bodyguard which protected the leaders of the Ottoman Empire)

SO….was Franco in Spain a crypto Jew Marrano….ALMOST CERTAINLY….consider the situation today where MOST of the leaders of Western Countries are CRYPTO JEWS….Australia……Canada…..America….Germany…..France……you get the picture.