Rewi Alley,hero of the left

This crypto Jew is quite famous in China….he went there to assist with the communist revolution….and to help Chinese people.Well that is what we are told.Infact his prime motivation for going to China was to prey on young boys.China was in a state of poverty,so there would be no come back on that.In NZ he would have been put in jail for a long time for the activities he undertook in China.Today pederasts are called pedophiles or child molesters

If you had the resources you could investigate further the influence and presence of Jews in China before their revolution.Alley knew Chairman Mao along with other Chinese leaders.What you can say is the communists killed many of the intelligentsia as per usual.It is POSSIBLE that Mao was a crypto Jew….but you would have to be Chinese to be able to check this.Mao had a number of credentials of Jews when they obtain unchallenged power…he killed millions.

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