Eric Watson NZ’s leading Jewish financial criminal

Is now resident in London.Appropriate when you think about it,since London is a haven from high level Jewish criminals,who skip town to London.

Here’s the rub…this piece of Jewish filth is apparently living in luxusorous conditions while there will be literally hundreds of NZers living in very straightened circumstances in NZ thanks to this piece of garbage.

Why are these Kiwis not outside parliament calling for the arrrest of Watson?!.

They should be writing letters to KEY the zionist Jew pointing out that they KNOW he is a Jew,like so many of them in parliament and this is the reason Watson has escaped going to jail.NOTE:The chief justice in NZ is a Jew.

Note the laughable sentence received by Hotchin,Watson’s partner in crime.

NZers were duped by the fact that Richard Long featured in advertisements stating just how good hanover finance was.Long is of course a fellow tribesman.

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