Top Jews love the middle ages

An Israeli has just stated that Gaza should be bombed and decimated back to the middle ages.

It is NOT a coincidence that Henry Morgenthau the FILTHY Jew of the American Jewish controlled government during ww2 said exactly the same sort of thing concerning Germany.Infact this dirty filthy Jew wished to castrate all adult German males.

From this you can see that Jews are what “anti-semites” have been saying all along…a disgusting bunch of ruthless criminals whose best ability is in the field of DESTRUCTION.

The son of the war criminal Aerial bombing Sharon said that Gaza should be obliterated like the Americans did with Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Infact this statement is NOT accurate.It was the Jews in Am,erica who were responsible for the nuclear holocaust on Japanese cities…NOT America.Jews like Truman (a crypto Jew).Jews like General Douglas MacArthur.

So infact this disgusting piece of sub-humanism Sharon junior is merely replaying history when he says Gaza should be obliterated…..Jews following their instinct to destroy destroy and destroy.

Jews are garbage people,they have always been garbage people and pose a serious threat to the world as a whole…nuclear weapons in their hands could mean the extinction of life on earth.

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