top Kiwi Jews oust goyim competitor

Shearer the Jew at the head of the NZ leader of the NZ Labour party has just got rid of a troublesome competitor….Cunliffe.THIS is the real reason Cunliffe has been shunted aside….not any of the reat of the crap you’ll read in the media (owned and largely operated by Jews).

Of course Cunliffe is just the sort of leader NZ needs…that is someone who is NOT a Jew.

The fact that both Hollande and Sarkozy are Jews and that Cameron and Milliband are Jews is emphatically NOT a coincidence.

The Jews actively prevent non Jews from leadership roles.In other words racism.Infact the Jews are the original racists…

Naturally the media in NZ casts Cunliffe in a negative light.

The mayors of the main cities of Auckland,Christchurch,Wellington and Dunedin are ALL Jews.More accurately they are CRYPTO Jews since they conceal this fact…for obvious reasons.The goyim might start asking questions.

The Jews are currently in the process of WRECKING NZ.They attack the majoritys wishes as regard social issues.For example the introduction of the homosexual law reform bill…AGAINST the vast majority of Nzers wishes.They legalise prostitution they attack the Christian basis of the c ountry and they swamp the country with hundreds of thousands of third world immigrants.

The full impact of this is not immediate.It takes some years before everything hits home.Example:,Prostitution is legalised……many years later a sex hotel is about to be established…leading to crime and of course the degradation of the prostitutes themselves.,which in turn leads to organsied crime,drugs…the whole gamut of crime infact.

(If you want to stop this development…contact the Jew John Key and tell the mofo…You know he is a Jew and that you will hold him directly responsible for this…even after he leaves politics.)

The question is do NZers want their country to end up like America and Britain…..essentailly these two western countries have been RUINED by the Jews…who now hold sway in ALL areas….attacking poor people in poor countries,making war around the world…..Stealing BILLIONS of dollars from the American economy to give to the Jewish fiends in Israel…..while 50 MILLION of their own people live in poverty conditions.Well NZ will get a tatse of all this…but it some time away.The Jews in NZ have yet to emerge from the shadows,once they do they’ll be strutting around dictating all things.Infact they are ALREADY dictating to NZers on a whole raft of issues.

Make no mistake Cunliffe has been GOT AT by the Jews….they will now proceed to try to get him out of politics altogether.The only goyim acceptable to the Jew are deviants…who are easily dictated to with secrets to hide.Someone like the highly intelligent Cunliffe is a problem for the Jew,a problem to be got rid of.

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