NZ National Party Politicos Censured

  The NZ Parliament has taken the extraordinary step of censuring two high profile members of the NZ National Party.
  Jennifer Shipley and Gerry Brownlee have been repeatably warned about the dangers they pose to the NZ public when they alight simultaneously from a high ground clearance SUV.
  The food connoisseurs Shipley and Brownlee were on a publicity drive in Gisborne while driving a Land Rover defender…despite the warnings about the inherent dangers of doing so,they both hopped out of the Rover at the same time.The sudden impact on the ground by these two National Party heavyweights…triggered a “seismic event”….
  Result…Supermarket shelves in disarray and Tsunami alerts.
  Total irresponsible behaviour of course from these two Kiwi Mr Creosotes.
  One member of the NZ public who was nearby at the time commented that….” fucking Shipley and Brownlee seem to wobble at the same frequency as our garden shed which ain’t surprising since they about the same fuckin’ size”.

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