Zio-activists types show up

  Most likely they have connections to the global Jewish network and have undergone some sort of training in surveillance and that sort of stuff…they have a certain look about them.They will have been in Israel at some time.
  These two were a couple.But for a “paranoid” type of person who has had years of crap from these fiends they were an easy spot.
  Their behaviour was out of sorts for the environment.
  So what were they up to exactly…perhaps yet another false story had been circulated..implicating me.
  No matter how often you say you are not connected to any groups and don’t wish to be…it makes no difference.
  Jews like this never question their own behaviour contributing to people disliking them….its the goyim who is responsible. Essentially they want to commit gigantic frauds like Madoff,control the media and governments, finance disruptive organisations like Soros,rob pension funds like Maxwell and Green and then to get away with it without any comeback….its called chutzpah and surprise surprise there is a limit to peoples tolerance.
  They don’t ever consider this avenue because they are extremely arrogant and think themselves superior to every other people on the planet…OK,their financial scams are top class but the assoles need to get off their high horses….and start behaving like human beings rather than cold blooded lizards (see Dave Ickes website for a lizardry rundown)

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