Different types of Jews

  There are various species of Jews.
  We have already covered some of them on our blog site.
  Camel Jews for example…basically they have a close similarity in appearance to Dromedaries. That’s the single humped camel found in Arabia.
Gargoyle Jews…look like the gargoyles found on Cathedrals which have the alternate name “Streisand Jews”.
  Not mentioned yet is the Oil Slick Jews.They are quite common and are usually found in the crime sections of the media after they have been caught.
Their name comes from the ” oil slick ” they leave behind when leaving the scene of the crime.They are also known as Total Jews in France (after the French oil company)
  Australians who are famous for abbreviating names…simply call them “greasy cunts”.
  If you want to see examples of Oil Slick Jews simply tune into a TV programme ” Million Dollar Listing LA….these two Oil Slickers look like a crime about to happen..usually involving large amounts of illegally obtained money.This pair of total greasers actually invite you to start a collection fund to pay for their deportation to the Jewish Crime State…Israel.
  (Note:Million Dollar Listing NY has a trio of Jew fudgepackers.. one of whom is a latino .They are only slightly less greasy than their tribe members in California.)

  The Real Estate industry is totally dominated by Jews in the USA(and other countries!)…one of whom is the jew-windbag Donald Trump.
  Easy money,great opportunity to make windfall profits..and swindling the goyim.

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