‘alf built ‘ouse

  This is yet another house reconditioning type TV series.(UK)
   But there seems to be a racial exclusivity angle on this one,as all the participants are Jews…which seems somewhat odd,since the vast majority of the people in the UK are Anglo Saxons…. Weird.
  Obviously this is a case for the Guardian team….since the people at the Guardian have one overriding concern….to stop racism in Britain.Having a TV programme which deliberately excludes people on the basis of race….is intolerable in 21st Century Britain.
  The last thing you need is a TV programme with a staff composed exclusively of one race…… it smacks of horrendous racism.
  A complaint to the UN maybe in order….or how about approaching Ashton of the EU (Jewish)
  An approach to the all new Prime Minister of Britain might do the trick….Good old Theresa May is on very good terms with non racist Jews…she keeps telling people in Britain stuff about that.(comment on Jews in Israel blowing up minorities houses are a little thin on the ground….for some unfathomable reason)

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