Merkel defeated at election

   Merkel’s party has been defeated by an “anti immigration” party in Germany.
  However Germans should not get their hopes up because there is very good reason to believe that the leader of this party is the German version of Farage …that is a crypto Jew.
  “The best way to defeat the opposition is to run it”
  It is all meaningless unless these illegal immigrants are repatriated….. and that does not look remotely like a possibility.
  It is difficult to understand all the commentators on the Daily Mail who believe the German governments actions over immigration (that is Merkel) are as a result of stupidity and lack of foresight over what would happen when these invaders came into Germany.
  They are not the least bit stupid,they knew exactly what they were doing.
  Keep in mind that Gabriel,Merkel’s sidekick, is also a crypto Jew.
  Farage is definitely a Jew…a buffoon who is playing a role…His speech at a Trump election meeting perfectly fits his duplicity…since Trump is also a Jew…there is ample evidence for all this.
Unbeknownst to most supporters of Farage….Farage was filmed telling EU MPs that he was not against immigration.
  So Germans would be well advised to watch this new leader very closely indeed.A thorough check on her ancestry should reveal that she is in fact a Jew.

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