Daily Mail fans should keep this in mind

  In the past the non Jewish elite have always conspired with the Jewish elite to thwart the wishes of the citizens….usually for financial reasons…that is it benefitted them to protect Jews from the the outraged citizens because they could extract more money from the Jews.(the Jews having inveigled their way into powerful positions)
  So only under duress… usually imminent civil unrest,would the non Jewish elite act to stop the Jews predations on the common populace.
  So any Daily Mail reader who thinks this contemptible rag is one “their side” is barking up the wrong tree….
  And the situation is a whole lot worse today because the Jewish elite have taken the precaution of encouraging an invasion of foreign peoples into the countries they now control. This makes it a whole lot more difficult for “commoners” to find a unity of purpose to overthrow the racist minority elite.
  Jews like Parker of the British secret police can deliberately cause conflict between the native peoples and the invaders brought in by the Jews…thus shifting the attention away from the Jewish elite and onto a usually far more visible presence….
  As many people have stated…”it is as though the elite in Britain want Muslims to cause trouble…they seem to be fostering trouble”.
  Mail readers may also have noticed that the elite deliberately do NOTHING about the illegal immigration taking place…and then go on to say it is “an insurmountable problem”…
  The problem is nothing like ” insurmountable “….the Jewish elite wants this situation to continue…maybe that fact will eventually dawn on the dropkicks who believe Merkel’s actions are as a result of her stupidity.
  Theresa May had a key meeting with top jews just prior to becoming Prime Minister…you can draw the obvious conclusion about this meeting….they own her.

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