Daily Mail onto it like a shot

  Although the Daily Mail revels in being called “right wing” implying that it is onside with people who loathe political correctness…it is actually nothing of the sort.It is a no wing newspaper promoting the new world order…just like the Guardian.
  When the Mail finds a “news story” that promotes the Jewish elites agenda….there is no holding the cunts back.
  The latest is a sob story from the US…a woman who used to play for the USA soccer team has got some sort of cancer and is preggers with a mestizo since her hubby is a black high profile basket ball player….This is what the Mail is interested in promoting…mixed marriages…keep an eye on the Mail and you’ll find this to be correct.While pretending to condemn Blair for opening up the gates to the third world as part of a hidden agenda to change the face (colour) of Britain…the Mail actually engages in the same agenda!!!.
  That’s no surprise…the editor is a Jew and most,if not all the journalists are also Jews.For example in a recent article which described attacks on Mail on Sunday staff by immigrants in Calais..they COTM (cunts of the Mail) showed photos of the journalists who had been attacked.Two of them were Jews and the other a probable.
  You may have read stuff about “double agents” in the spy business.They purport to be aligned with one side while in fact working for the other side.
  They’re doubly treacherous cunts….That’s the Daily Mail for you….the cunts are actually worse than the cunts at the Guardian,and that’s saying something.

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