NZ Forest and Bird gets new leader

  Hague is leaving the Greens Party to take up the top job at NZ Forest and Bird.
  The Green Party is owned and operated by Jews.
  Looks like they are now taking over NZFB…
  (Top Tip.Once any organisation has a Jew in the top position…from that point on it is highly unlikely any non jew will ever again be employed in the top job….non Jews are excluded via concealed Jewish racism.The top universities in the US have been hijacked in this manner.The universities were founded by christian Americans.. AND run by them…..they sure as hell are NOT run by Christians today… The Jews have taken them over lock stock and barrel.
  It goes without saying Jews get preferential treatment for employment….but Jews take another intriguing additional step…they employ token amounts of minorities AND endeavour to exclude Europeans.
  There is never any mention of this publicly of course….

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