Idiots in NZ politics

  NZ is a two party one party state…and the Jews who run both parties like to keep it that way.
  So if any political party arises that challenge the set up the party had better make sure they are 101% above board….otherwise any wrong doing will be exposed by the Jewish run media….its just a matter of time…preferably just before an election.
  Currently the leader of The NZ Conservative Party is in court..sexual impropriety is the key on this one…
  The Leader of the NZ Party Winstein Peters is under siege about a “donation” made by a corrupt Indian immigrant.The Jew run media is all over this one like a rash.
Money and sex…the two favourites for fucking up the reputation of political opponents.
  It is possible the NZ SIS is involved in this…providing the “raw material” for the publicity.
   Keep in mind,that all the political reporters are Jews.
  These two idiots might ask themselves if it was worth it…three thousand lousy bucks from an Indian racist who sets up a political party for Indians.Or a clapped out scrubber who may very well have “hidden allegiances”….
  It would be more profitable for either of these two to king hit Key in parliament…on camera…or his Jewish mate who leads the Labour party.
  They should both take note of the penetration of political parties and media by MI5 in Britain and stop being so fucking naive….there are hidden forces at work.That’s how the media in Britain was able to sell the preposterous story that Dr David Kelly committed suicide.
  A whiles back there was a huge bomb attack on Marine Le Pen..they almost got her too.
  Maybe Le Pens fireworks accidentally caught fire….and its a conspiracy theory to suggest otherwise.
  If you have ANY vulnerabilities…don’t even think about running for a non mainstream political party….So the best option is to behave properly…as you are expected to do by the voting public.
  (Currently a corrupt Indian (Vaz) is on the ropes in Britain…BUT he has been behaving in a corrupt way …for years…so what took the cunts so long to blow his cover…There will be some other reason for all this which the controlled media in Britain won’t be informing the public about.)
  Indians are naturally corrupt…you have to be in India to survive.
  Jews are importing hundreds of thousands of Indians into NZ…The Jews use the media which they control to promote this immigration..already corruption in NZ is on the rise…you’d have to be a fucking moron not to have predicted this.

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