It is nothing like rocket science or soothsaying

  Today there was a TV program about immigration into NZ.
  Before it is even screened on TV you can accurately predict A)The content of the program and B)The ethnicity of the presenter.
  How is this possible…do you have to have special powers enabling you to predict the future?.
All you have to know is…that the Jews have taken over western countries and it is the Jews who are flooding Western countries with third world alien immigrants.Also you have to know that Jews completely control THE MEDIA.
  Thus you can predict that a documentary on immigration of  third world immigrants into NZ will be solely concerned with PROMOTING AND JUSTIFYING IMMIGRATION…the flooding of NZ with alien immigrants….
  You will also know for 100% sure that the presenter will be a Jew…and Nigel Latta is 101% a Jew….programmes like these are ALWAYS fronted by a Jew.
  You can also predict that the Jewish presenter will throw about the word “racism” sooner or later.Racists are,without exception ALWAYS defined by the Jews who TOTALLY CONTROL the media using their racist unseen networks.
  Jews are in fact THE MOST RACIST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.Their headquarters in Israel has extremely racist immigration laws…Jews Only is their motto.
  And what about the “experts” he interviews to back up all his assertions….ALL the experts are in fact OTHER JEWS…only the NZ public won’t know that,the public will assume they are European experts because of their “white” appearance.Most people in Christchurch will have no knowledge that their mayor,Liane Dalziel is a Jew.Of course the Jewess levels the accusation that people in Christchurch are racist for objecting to having their city flooded with alien people.Dalziel illegally gave amnesty to thousands of illegal immigrants in NZ.(Jews are trying to do the same to Americans right now).
  Latta interviews the headmaster of Rangitoto College….what no viewers will realise is that yet again Latta is misleading the public…because the headmaster is yet another Jew.…and right on cue,the Jew sings the praises of multiculturalism and foreign immigration.
  He interviews Another Jew by the name of Professor Paul Spoonly….in fact he ONLY interviews Jewish “experts”… that is people of the same ethnicity as himself……which in itself is racist.
  He interviews plenty of immigrants…..
But here is the most important fact of all NO NZERS OF EUROPEAN ANCESTRY ARE INTERVIEWED….It is implied that they are either racist or insufficiently well informed about the situation.(that is allowing the Jews to destroy their identity via immigration)
  NZers would be well advised to view this program and pay close attention to all the crypto Jew racist experts on this programme…starting with the arrogant Nigel Latta.
  He is a qualified psychologist which is a very useful qualification to have if you intend to sell a lie to gullible people.
  The Jews intend to brainwash Kiwi children about the benefits of mass alien immigration…To counter this NZers are going to have to either withdraw their children from the schools…or instruct them not to believe everything the teachers tell them.NOTE:The curriculum for NZ education is set by Jews embedded in the government.
  If you want to understand what awaits NZers you only have to look at the horrific fate that befell Russia after the Jews took over in 1917…
  It is better to go on the offensive against these racists BEFORE they introduce a police state preventing you from doing so….and they will do something like this once they get their long planned third world war up and running…..This will be about the time the Palestinians will bear the full brunt of the Jews hatred and intolerance of other people.They will mass murder them…then they’ll say they were acting in self defence.
  Nigel Latta is a scummy little racist Jew…and who no doubt has close connections to Israel.Like the Jewish traitor and grossly fat Jew Gerry Brownlee.

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