Japan gets an introduction

  The Jewish controlled western media is all over this one like a rash.
A few years ago a half black half Japanese won the Miss Japan competition.
  This time it is a half Indian half Japanese winning.And the Jews at the Guardian are crowing about it…they reel out all the usual stuff about racism….from the Japanese of course!.
  It might pay Japanese to investigate the owners of the beauty contest….it is just possible their are crypto Jewish Japanese running this.(CH General Douglas MacArthur the dictator installed by the Jewish controlled US govt immediately after world war two.MacArthur was a crypto Jew…while dictator he would have set up a Freemason network AND contacted Japanese crypto Jews already present in Japan.They would have immediately been promoted to influential positions)

  Will the Jewish owned and edited Guardian be running stories similar to the Japanese one….celebrating half Jews winning beauty contests then point out the racist Israelis who don’t approve.
  You gotta be fucken joking.Jews,the original racists are THE most race conscious people in the world…and they get a free pass from the media because they own it!.

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