The president of Philippines.. Better increase his bodyguard

  Even that might not be enough…they can always be bribed.
  Right now the CIA will be investigating how to get rid of this president and make it look like an accident.
  It has been proven time and again that the ZOG of the USA far prefers corrupt leaders of third world countries…they are easily manipulated and controlled.
  Maybe the Phillipines is due an economic crisis….they should take notice of the attempted destruction of the Malaysian economy….by the Jews.
  As a result of getting rid of the huge drug crime confronting the Phillipines…The Phillipines itself will come under veiled attack…not from armed forces but via financial attacks.
  The Phillipines should dig up recordings of interviews with the former world chess champion Bobby Fisher to get a picture of what awaits them.Note..although he was a Jew Fisher was an extremely rare example of a Jew prepared to speak out about about what a complete pack of racist lowlife Jews are…for that he was destroyed.Jews will not tolerate Jews who break their version of the Omerta code…they will kill honest Jews….make no mistake about that.

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