Naive Christian no match for the cosmopolitan Jew.

Over many centuries Jews have undergone physiological and psychological changes which makes them perfectly adapted to living within the urban environment and amongst other peoples.
  The off quoted quick witted Jew,the corrupt Jew,the scheming Jew,the cunning Jew…these are behavioural adaptations that give them the edge when dealing with the goyim.
  Physiological adaptations include…the sloping forehead which creates less wind resistance when running away from the goyim who has just been robbed.Highly mobile fingers/hands…for sleight of hand when counting money.Earlier maturation which can be compared to the cuckoo nestling. etc.Ability to lie convincingly…Assassination proficiency…in secret.Scheming and double dealing.
  There is a whole host of abilities they have acquired…. An increasingly well known adaptation is to hide their identity…. this technique is well documented in history…which is just as well since they would claim they don’t disguise their identity….sorry its been documented already…
  So the poor old leader of the NZ Conservative Party who has been caught up in an entirely contrived scandal…is easy pickin’s.
  He should extract himself from this as soon as possible…
  The TV host Paul Henry is getting a charge out of it all…virtually crowing at the failings of the devout Christian..Jews get a malicious enjoyment out off all this….Keep in mind Jews have a deep seated dislike of Christians…that is real ones…not the rastafarian bishop type.
  Take note of Henrys very short stubby hands….a bit like the Jew Trumps digits.
  Keep in mind almost all Henrys guests are other Jews….Donald Brash for example former head of the Reserve Bank.Then there is Bill Ralston a dough faced Jewish hack who has been hanging around the media for years.
  Deborah Coddington shows up very occasionally……this Jewish hackette was married to a Jewish publisher crook…Alister Taylor.This Jew started an early attack on NZ schoolkids by publishing a book called “The Little Red Schoolbook”…. (Along with another Jew Graeme Culliford)…it was a hot seller and he made a lot of money out of it.But that didn’t stop him making a fraudulent insurance claim on his Mazda (Wairarapa).
  From the above you can see these cosmopolitans have networks hidden in plain sight..but the surrounding population cannot recognise the aliens in their midst…sort of like the poor old Marsh Warbler in Britain who has a cuckoo in the nest.
  So this Christian bloke needs to up his game and wise up…otherwise he’ll be going down the gurglar.He should immediately call a halt to proceedings and if necessary bung the blonde sheila to pull her head in…and move on.
  Incidently don’t tolerate any shit from shits like Henry and the rest of the slimy Jews in the media….
Collect a few of their secrets and imply you’ll spring them if the cunts get too pushy.

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