The benefits of diversity

  An immigrant was arrested in London for stabbing to death a highly qualified university lecturer.If you want to put that in financial terms.   The years of study etc…it would amount to the loss of thousands apon thousands of pounds.Then there are the thousands of pounds that will be needed to incarcerate the alien in prison.
  Strange as it may seem…figures like Theresa May…. and all the rest of the traitors will keep insisting that diversity brings rich rewards.
  Up until one of their family is affected…but that’s not going to happen because they live in an isolated wealth bubble far removed from the trials and tribulations of their voters.
  This case is not in the least bit an isolated case.A headmaster was stabbed to death by another invader brought into the country by the likes of the war criminal Tony Blair (crypto Jew/Marrano).
  And May is currently delaying the exit of Britain…although it might not seem that way right now….
  How about the widespread rape of women in Britain by immigrants brought into the country by the Jewish elite….
  POM’s better keep this point in mind…if they’re going to go for civil unrest to stop the Jewish elite completely destroying the identity of the country via immigration… they better make sure they “fix” the secret police,MI5 first….The CEO Parker is a Jew…as have been previous CEOs of this increasingly intrusive organisation….
  A number of websites have stated that the MI 5 was complicit in the London bombing attack….a suggestion which is not as stupid as it sounds.
  Then there’s the “suicide” of Dr David Kelly……

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