Behind every fortune lies a great crime

  This quote is attributed to the French bloke Honore de Balsac.

  And there is a helluva lot of truth in it.
  This is said to be an abbreviated quote…the quote goes on to say that the original crime is quickly forgotten and unpunished.
  More commonsense from Balsack.
  Examples:Could be the families who made billions in today’s money from trading in human suffering…the slave trade. Today one of the descendants of a slaver David Cameron is a perfect gentleman.
  The Sassoon’s who made their fortune by the deliberate fostering of drug addiction in China…via the opium trade.
  Thanks to the internet the origins of these fortunes can be documented before they are forgotten.
  Thus the origin of the great fortunes of Fay and Richwhite the NZ merchant bankers are well known.

  Give it a hundred years or so..the descendants of these two master criminals will be still living high on the hogs back…but the original crime will be lost in the mists of time…if NZers allow that to happen.
Like has happened in Britain…a ruling class will be entrenched in NZ….they will conspire against the interests of most NZers to make sure nothing happens to challenge their dominance.
  Sorry Kiwis…like in Britain that means an all seeing,ever watchful secret police (MI5 in Britain)…plots and counterplots, false flags and diversions etc.Of course this damages the country… BUT the criminals hold onto their money.
  Take the Todd family in NZ…there was a case recently where the wife of an offshoot of the family was criminally evicted from a property owned by the Todd’s…along with her two children….(Michael Okkerse a part time fudgepacker high profile lawyer in Wellington.)In law the welfare of children is paramount…but all these principles get shunted aside when the ruling class interests are at stake.
  They are above the law…the media won’t be challenging it either…the owners of the media will be meeting up at the local Freemasons lodge… with executives of the Todd family of tax evaders.Yes they pay minimal amounts of token tax….Tax is for the little people.
  The internet is blowing the cover of cunts at the top..and they don’t like it….therefore it would not be unreasonable to suggest that they will attempt to restrict the use of it.
  Maybe something seemingly “innocuous” like registration before use.That way the user can be targeted secretly…and the pretence of democracy and free speech can be maintained… Orwellian type of stuff.

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