Hillsong Church a multimillion dollar business

  Its fronted by Australian Brian Houston.
  He is a complete fucking idiot,that goes without saying..and an able con man.
  Like his counterparts in the US by now Houston will be a very rich multimillionaire… He built up the business from small beginnings in the 1980’s.
  Like the fakes in the US…he takes a strong pro Israel stance…which is somewhat odd,since Israelis often spit on Christians..and churches.
  Houston has hit on a money making formula by supporting the rogue state of Israel…should he ever deviate from that path…like condemning Jews for massacring Palestinians…some of whom will be Christians… Then all of a sudden he would experience “difficulties”.
  You can safely assume there are crypto Jews embedded in these new age churches…particularly the big ones.
  These idiotic pro Israel churches have proven to be very useful to the Jews who control the US….Howard (a crypto Jew former PM of Australia) has met with the leaders of the Hillsong church in Australia.
  Unfortunately it would be a complete waste of time trying to explain to his followers…they are being used by the traditional enemy of Christians…the Jews.
  Somehow through some sleight of hand…..these moronic fools (that’s how the Jews in Israel regard them) conveniently forget that it was the Jews who organised the death of the founder of Christianity….and leopards can’t change their spots.

  Because Australians have yet to be dumbed down into babbling idiots like Americans….they have yet to witness the scenes that take place in the USA.Where the multimillionaire ” pasters” blatantly con their followers to send in “as much money as they can afford”…. then suggest in a very oblique way that followers could borrow money and send it in….which will result in countless blessings from the lord. ( and maybe pay for some high class hookers for the said ” pasture”.).
  Houston is actually quite an aggressive conman not predisposed to smiling….
  It is remarkable the  numbers of people willing to engage in this sheer folly….a flock of sheep preyed apon by wolves dressed in spivvy suits.

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