Katie ‘Opkins is scared

  ‘Opkins is a Daily Mail journalist.She has visited the jungle bunnies camp in Calais…and has come to the belated conclusion that the invaders will prove to be a threat to “my country”…
  Wot took ‘er so long then?.Of course their presence in Britain is a ” threat”….how about the mass rapes by immigrants of English women….
  What Hopkins won’t be addressing are things like the very suspicious death of Dr David Kelly….or the very suspicious official report on 9/11….
  To do so would invite too much trouble from “hidden forces” which could put her out of a job.
  Nor will she comment on the domination of British media by Jews…after all she is a Jew herself.
  Nor will she dare to suggest that their is an underlying objective to flooding Britain with third world immigrants….NO Hoskins will only approach things on a superficial level…which is part of the problem.
  She might consider mentioning Britain’s very successful occupation of India using only a small number of people…by the strategy of pitting different groups against each other…divide and rule in other words….a strategy currently being deployed by a small minority…the Jews against Britons…the “other groups” being the immigrants brought into Briton…brought into Britain by this very same small minority.
  Hopkins could also note the covert exclusion of Anglo Saxons from the media…by the Jews…but she won’t do that,she is after all a Jew.
  So these articles only serve to convey the illusion there is free speech in Briton….You’ll notice that Theresa May has done precisely nothing to halt immigration of the third world into Britain.NOTHING!….it already looks like she is following Camerons strategy…..allowing the flood to continue while making noises about doing something.

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