One law for us..another law for them

  Non tax paying members of the elite are also benefitting from special treatment in the courts…..the fucking corrupt cunts.
  Along with the yawning gap between rich and poor in NZ..the court system is now being corrupted to serve the elites interests.
  A graphic illustration is a recent case of assault of a policewoman in Dunedin…..carried out by a dirty scummy privileged Jew…offspring of a multimillionaire Jew….DELEGAT.
  Nicholas Delegat was fined $5000 and 3 years of “community service”.
  The dirty little spoilt Jewish cunt should have been jailed…as MOST NZers would have been for the serious injuries  inflicted on the cop.
  The $5000 fine would be about the same burden on these rich Jew bastards as $5 for ordinary NZers.
  So there you have it…the perfect illustration of inequality before the law in NZ…and it is not the first time it has happened.
  What about the judge of the case…check on the net and you’ll find accusations of corruption against him.(judge Kevin Phillips…who is very likely to be a Freemason…..and therein lies the probable answer as to why the Jew got off with a pathetic corrupt punishment.)

  The Jews parents are worth about $430,000,000…..although they will have more money hidden offshore…perhaps in Switzerland.
  If the government insists on pandering to the super rich in NZ….vigilantes may have to ensure the practise is stopped.
  Equality before the law is one of the keystones of democracy.

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