Zio-imbecility TV employs serial killer

  The American serial killer Ted Bundy was purportedly given a one way trip on Old Sparky…infact he was resuscitated post electrocution and given a second life hosting Yard Crashers…under a new name of course…Matt Blashaw.

  Yard Crashers is an appalling, idiotic zio-tv show about…..crashing a home garden and rejuvenating it.
  “Crashers” actually tells the viewer beforehand that it is going to be yet another imbecilic home improvement show hosted by a grinning laughing American idiot…acting positive.
  If you want to know why Americans are renown throughout the world as moronic idiots……Just watch 5 minutes of Matt Bundy and you’ll have the answer.

  Actually American zio-induced stupidity is spreading like a contagion in Western countries.NZers are now copying the exclamations and behaviour.
Exuding positivity…”gimme a high five” has now inoculated NZers involved in sport… Weird fucking on the spot contortions called dancing..is now endemic.
  Being the centre of attention is lusted after in the US…always accompanied by a vacuous smile…”Hiiiiiii,”Howa-uuuuuu!”.
  Example.An American has just exited his overturned auto…it was a close shave with severe bruising…he extricates himself from the wreckage….then sees that he is being filmed by a major news network….His injuries and trauma are shunted aside and he starts performing for the cameras.
  He can now get his 15 minutes of fame and boast to his colleagues….
  Is it a Brave New World… or 1984…maybe the sheer moronic idiocy that now infects Americans was simply impossible to predict 50 years back.
  Smiling happy positive Americans don’t seem to have noticed that they are being screwed into the ground by the Jew elite….and are a whole lot poorer as a result.

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