“Flipping Out” another zio-braincell killer.

  This TV series features your compulsory neurotic Jews behaving in a bizarre manner…the usual stuff.
  Its about the trials a tribulations of a rubber lipped Jewish fudgepacker.His fellow Jewish bottomists are also on staff….
  There is also a heterosexual Jewess on the show and a Mexican house maid…Jews like being surrounded by servants…as long as they’re not Jews.
  The whole point is…Americans are bombarded with this crap on a daily basis….garbage like the Kardashians (Jews)…this one features a metamorphosizing transvestite… with bollocks still in situ.
  You might have noticed how tattooing has become a cool thing to do….this has come about by peons replicating the behaviour of rock stars (usually Jews)….The behaviour of these moronic TV show stars is also going to get the brain dead copying them….
  So the impact of these brain neutralising TV shows is not immediate….but given the Americans worldwide reputation for stupidity today..then its obvious…these Jewish brain frying insidious TV shows are already beginning to have a negative effect on Americans.
  A lot of them are already hooked on soma like prescription medicines……watching The Monster Truck Series…on specially reinforced seating built to accommodate the new American.
  Mean time the Jews in Israel are robbing them blind.

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