“Its the high priced lawyer wot dun it”.

  This is the spin the zio-media is putting on the travesty of justice that took place in Dunedin courts recently.
  That is the penalty imposed on the son of one of the richest Jews in NZ….Delegat.
  The greasy little Jew punk knocked a policewoman unconscious putting her in hospital for two weeks.
  According to the media it was the high priced lawyer that got him such a light sentence…
     BULLSHIT….total bullshit.

  In fact it was a combination of his ethnicity AND hidden networks of the zio-elite which enabled the Jew to get away with a preposterously light sentence.
  One law for them….another law for the rest of NZers.
  I myself have been subject to a similar attack by the Jews…and when I subsequently discovered the identity of the attacking Jews and tried to make a complaint to the police I was told to fuck off.After being the subject of harassment by the Jews and attempting to get it stopped by reporting it to the police…I was literally thrown out of the police station by a Derek Shaw a policeman known for his brutality.(last time I checked..now promoted and stationed in Alexandra police station).
  Needless to say I have been subjected to similar stuff in other countries 12,000 miles away.
   So in my case….it was impossible to even get the Jew motherfuckers in court!!.
  One law for the Jews..another law for everyone else.(now you can understand how these top end wealthy Jew criminals manage to avoid being arrested)

  Its like this you see…if the person the Jew attacked had been a member of the public rather than a policewoman…then the case would never have even made the courts.But because the case involved a cop….the case HAD to be prosecuted because otherwise suspicions would have been raised about how the Jew avoided punishment.
  Note:The top cop in NZ is an individual by the name of BUSH…a crypto Jew…Then there is the fact that many of the police and judiciary are FUCKING FREEMASONS…This situation is worse in Britain,where it is common knowledge that FREEMASONS infest  the justice system.
  Note2.The situation is so bad that when I am in a doctors surgery awaiting an appointment.. A plain clothes policeman arrives and sits next to me….AND an attempt is made to deliberately antagonise me…in order to get a reaction…which these mofo’s can then use to arrest me on trumped up charges.

  So even the fucking Jewish dominated news media deliberately LIES by saying the Jew escaped justice because of his high priced lawyer.This too is another lie designed to defuse the issue.
  The cunts will now ride out the controversy and the issue will quickly disappear from the media.Job done.
This case is somewhat similar to a case involving another Jew Oligarch a few years ago…that is the son of the owners of Fischer & Paykel who was responsible for a death in a traffic accident.(The same Fischer & Paykel who got a gigantic “loan” from the NZ Government…The same sort of Jewish criminal scam that took place in the USA where Jew owned banks got off scot free without one prosecution following the “banking crisis”…)

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