Jews pull off huge theft….

  The latest “aid” to Israel (where the average Israeli has a higher standard of living than the average American!)
  …..consists of 38 billion dollars in the next ten years.

  Of course this is a public statement which will have little connection to what is actually going on.
  Americans can do nothing about this situation since the Jews control all the levers of power in the US?.They have that country by the throat and they won’t release it until they have sucked it dry.
  Most likely the fifty billion stolen by Madoff is now sitting in a bank in Tel Aviv.
  The massive numbers of third world immigrants the Jews have brought into the country helps the Jews maintain their control.The Jewish controlled East India company employed this very same strategy when the British colonised India.They pit all the various factions in India against each other…(so the fact there are Muslim mayors of two major European cities…London and Rotterdam should be viewed as part of an overall strategy by the Jews…shifting alliances where enemies became friends and VV were a characteristic of the British Raj.)
  So Americans…like the Indians previously can do nothing to get Israel off its back….they could attempt to neutralise the Jews strategy….to forestall that,global jewry would likely plunge America into another civil war,this time on the basis of racial conflict…(with the Jews on the sideline waiting to reap the profits after the country has been decimated.

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