Ben Fogle..the new face of BBC documentaries

  Fogle is of course a Jew…you don’t do BBC documentaries if you are not a Jew.
  Somehow Fogle has managed to front a whole range of “documentaries” when it is obvious he is a complete lightweight .
  He is like another Jew who has made a number of pseudo documentaries,Simon “croc teeth” Reeves. (“Croc teeth” purportedly an honourary title bestowed apon him by the Masai tribe…while he was staying at a five star safari camp in the Serengeti)
  They’re both Jewish lightweight wankers who obviously have contacts within the BBC hierarchy… That’s the only explanation for their presence on TV.
  These pseudo documentaries follow a sort of a set pattern.If in Africa there is the obligatory “vanishing life” of various tribes…the disappearing wildlife,the interesting tribe “which still retains its customs”… and perhaps the worst of all..where the presenter valiantly attempts to learn some words of the tribes language…with the obligatory giggling with the embarrassment…at the mess they make of it all….
  In the case of Fogle with his program about ” where wildmen are”…you notice something…The people he visits in remote places in Britain….are Jews!.So the Jewish network rustles up zio-families to interview by the Jew presenter. On one “memorable” mockumentary he visits the dodgiest family you could imagine.The wife actually looks evil…the husband as dodgy as hell and the two kids look like they could evolve into serial killers.Somehow these Jews managed to get hold of land in the Devon countryside for semi subsistant living…BUT they were meeting resistance from the local village..whose instinct for survival obviously kicked in.
  Fogle….then attempts to persuade the viewer that the locals dislike of these interlopers is due to intolerance,despite the fact…it is obvious that it is the zio-family who is at fault.
  You note the underlying unspoken resentment of the local villagers by this scumbag family.
  Most likely the hubby was involved in drug dealing at one time or another.
  Meantime Fogle is hovering about making stupid entirely predictable comments… to his fellow tribe members.
  Fogle has got that haughty barely concealed superiority of many Jews…(the shortarsed zio-git who fronts another game show “tipping point” is a another example of the contemptuous Jew)
  So it looks like the BBC is adopting the American model of Brave New World “documentaries”… They appear to like using comedians these days..which makes sense.They are always 101% politically correct including awful fakes like the idiot Billy Connoly….(wife an Australian Jewess)..Colony can barely remain upright (he has various diseases afflicting him..maybe cirrhosis of the liver)& as he giggles his way through the PC dialogue while pretending to be an iconoclast..Another simply awful PC comedian doing the pseudo documentary gravy train thing is a dickhead from Liverpool by the name of Bishop.

  Why don’t the zio-cunts at the BBC employ brainy academics from Oxbridge any more..there must be a few of those who could provide humorous banter if required….
  Today these fake lightweight crap travel shows are employed to promote PC ideology…which can mean anything from global warming shite…to oppressed minorities stuff.Like in a communist countries the ideology of the state permeates everything the BBC produces…It actually becomes oppressive when….yet again…there is another fucking politically correct wanker trotting out the same shite AGAIN.
  And these days the PC universities dish out compulsory “honorary doctorates” at the drop of a hat…Fogle has already bagged a couple… even though he is a transparent liteweight…fuckwit….
  “Bishop has just come on screen again…he has just completed an interview with an aboriginal girl talking about PC stuff…and just to be really original he is doing the almost compulsory scene with snakes… ahh yes….they are going for the milking venom of the exceptionally toxic snake shot……”

(Note:Ben Fogle shops at Abbercrombie&Kent safari outfitters©…the first choice for the discerning traveller to Africa.)

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