Britain experiences rich rewards of multiculturalism.

  Britain continues to be rewarded by the elites decision to multiculturalise Britain…(Tony Blair,Thatcher,Cameron, Brown..the Windsors..etc..all happen to be crypto Jews…purely just by chance..)
  Two of the recent examples of the benefits of multiculturalism include…4 African origin immigrants attack a European Briton after he tried to stop them stealing his bike.One of his legs was hacked off with a machete during the fight.A Turkish immigrant murdered his ex wife after she left him.The ex wife obviously one of the many who have been conned by the Jewish run media which actively promotes intermarriage between native Britons and third world immigrants.
  To put a stop to this destruction of the British way of life …POM’s will have to tackle the secret police MI5 first…Its headed up by a crypto jew.
  Sorry this seems highly unlikely… Take a look at the audience of the Jeremy Kyle (Jew) show….it seems that the population of Britain… Is getting dumber!.Which shouldn’t be a surprise…since the dumbest people in Britain are having at least twice the number of children as uni graduates…therefore the proportion of thickos in society increases. Combine that with the large number of low IQ third world immigrants brought into the country by the crypto Jewish elite…and you have a recipe for the collapse of the country… It will probably be gradual…you could use the reliability or non reliability of public transport to measure the progress of the collapse.
  Unless POM’s finally decide to prevent this….but then its back to the Kyle Audience Factor.

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