Daily Mail runs another 9/11 anti conspiracy article

  They usually pop up at this time of the year.Jewish wankers like Peter Hitchens who portray themselves as “independent thinkers” don’t quite manage to think independently when it comes to the biggest lies like the six million figure of the holocau$t… or the obviously false 9/11 official story.
  So right on time one of the Daily Mails paid disinformation hacks trots out the usual bullshit.This one features an airy dismissal of “conspiracy theorists”… as ” boring”.
  Strange as it may seem Dr Paul Roberts is never approached for an interview …the answer to that is…he actually has too much credibility to be used in an article deriding “conspiracy theorist” claims.
  Remember the Daily Mail is WORSE than the Guardian…at least you know where they are coming from…the DMC (Daily Mail Cunts) play a double game by pushing PC in a concealed way.

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