Gary Younge…the Guardians pathetic lawn jockey

  Younge is a fucking pain in the butt.Like a motoring journalist specialises in cars….Gary “chocolate drop” Younge specialises in racism….the boring git seizes on every opportunity to scribble about racism.
  He has established himself a niche industry whinging about racism.The racism is always European racism….
  He is encouraged to do so by the Jews who own and operate the Guardian.If this tosser ever chose to write about Jewish racism…he would get a wake up call….he would be looking for a new job…Like the American black congresswoman Cynthia McKenna who joined an aid convoy to Palestine.
  So for the added publicity Younge uses the word cunt on Radio Four….in reference to Polish immigrants in Britain.
   Younge is not stupid….he knows very well how the liberal idiots think…he knows very well they bend over backwards to prove their commitment to toleration and non racism..and while they would tell a European version of Younge to get a fucking life…they wouldn’t dare tell this tosser to get over it…that would be racism.
  So Gary “mumbo-jumbo ” Younge is actively exploiting their cringe making stupidity.
  Nice work if you can get it…but you have to be a minority…the same racist qualifications the BBC is currently employing.
  The BBC is totally dominated by Jews…mysteriously in Jew HQ..that is Israel….Gary Younges are totally absent.Even black quasi Jews (Ethiopian) are uncommon in the media.
  Some people may recognise what is actually going on here.
  According to the Daily Mail Younge was once reported to have stated he would like to put some whites in a cooking pot rather than dining at McDonalds.

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