Australian Greens throw hissy fit

  Good old Pauline Hanson’s speech in the Aussie parliament really annoyed the zio-Greens party…they upped and left en masse.
  No rocket scientists required to tell you what would happen if they controlled the govt.They would start restricting free speech via legislation.The wankers only approve of free speech if it is to their liking.
  The problem with Hanson is,she is not the sharpest knife in the draw,nor the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.
  She has shifted her focus onto Muslims which the Zionists would approve of.She should be focussing on third world immigration in general.
  See previous blog on how third world immigration benefits the zio-elite by enabling them to pit various groups/races/religions against each other…while the cunts call the shots from the sideline.Most of the top billionaires in Aussie,certainly the top three…are Jews.One of them is even a retired terrorist from Israel!!.He was directly involved in the mossad attack on 9/11.
  His name is Frank (enstein) LOWY.
  By now Pauline’s party has probably been penetrated by crypto Jews…../ASIO agents.
  Hanson started off as someone with strong views on the deliberate flooding of Australia with third would immigrants… can bet she would never have guessed she would be put in jail on trumped up charges…as a result in engaging in politics.(as you would expect in a totalitarian country!)
  Think how ordinary people in Europe are doing right now…seeing their countries overrun with invaders brought into their countries by the Jewish elite…the hostile media owned by Jews labelling them neo-nazis for objecting!.
  Auckland NZs biggest city is overrun by alien is no longer a NZ city but a modern day Babylon….despite this obvious fact all we get is lies and distortion from the media about the issue. The “housinge crisis” crisis being the most obvious example of how the zio media lies its head off.The Jews in the media attribute the crisis to everything BUT the cause of it!.
  Hanson will be under extreme pressure as “hidden forces” (not confined to the Greens) wage a war against her.A song has even been produced as an attack on her credibility…
  Usually in these circumstances infiltration of political parties is used….as a means of taking control.”The best way to control the opposition is to run it”
  So there will be HUGE amounts of money being used to assist in the destruction of Hanson…covertly provided by the likes of frank LOWY.(perhaps even by the Hungarian Jew…Soros).
  If any member of Hanson’s party so much as thinks about availing themselves of some extra cash….or takes an ” interest” in a a cutie while the missus has her back turned….they’ll be in the firing line for a scandal down the tracks.
  Despite all the nonsense about toleration of fudge packery…THE BEST scandal the “hidden powers” like is one involving homosexuality… because of the natural aversion to this deviancy by the general public.
  Pauline should be doing a double check on part time fudge packers in her party…and send them packing fudge elsewhere….or it could be very costly to the reputation of her party.

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