Possible US election scenario

  Hitlery Clintsteins backers realise  Clintstein is not up to the job….then get her to resign…only to be replaced by Bernard Sanders…. another Jew of course,but unusually does not conceal the fact.So the presidential race will still feature two jews running against each other.
  Sanders is far more electable as the voters search around for an alternative to Trump and Clinton.
  Keep in mind that although Sanders appears to be a liberal…the more illegal immigrants the better…he is still 101% in accord with the Jews in Israel.
  So Sanders intolerance of racism will stop right at the borders of Israel…. The Jews will get no objection from Sanders as they racially abuse and persecute Palestinians.Israel will find no opposition from Sanders as they continue to strip mine the American economy.
  As an open Jew….Sanders will get top level treatment from the Jew controlled media.He’ll get the easy treatment…..and after the worst president in living memory anything will look good against Obamas performance.

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