Sycophants in London betray their own citizens

  A British judge has decided that a hacker should be sent to the US…for a nice introduction to ZOG Americas BRUTAL PRISON SYSTEM….for 99 years.
  In fact it would not be the actual judge who decided…it would have been individuals within the British government…who would have made a cynical calculation before doing so.
  How much “goodwill they could have extracted from the Jew controlled US government balanced by the possible backlash within Britain at their treacherous betrayal of one of Britain’s citizens”.
  It is not as if he is a master criminal…he is a geek operating out of his parents house.
  Contrast this example with large amounts of money paid to Guantanamo detainees who were ” wrongly imprisoned” in a US jail.

  The British government really doesnt represent the interests of people in Britain…the government represents its own interests which sometimes coincide with the average person wishes.

  The French have a saying about the British government “perfidious Albion”…. they even betray their OWN people!.

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