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  The above site has some worthwhile information about crypto Jews in India.
  Its actually commonsense to suggest that the British Raj operation in India was actually Jewish run.The gross exploitation of Indians had all the hallmarks of the Jews M.O.
  Obvious examples of this were the Baghdadi Jews who ran the biggest organised crime racket in history….The Opium Trade.Today the descendants those Jews..the Sassoon’s are highly respectable people….In fact they are criminal Jews enriched on the huge suffering they inflicted on Chinese… via mass drug addiction.
  So today there is a strata of Jews in India….crypto Jews…and they will be following their long established practice of taking over a country by hiding their ethnicity.Some of them are obvious Jews…because they have non Indian surnames…as in the USA they dominate the film industry in Bollywood.
  NZ at one time had an Indian Governor General…..but in fact he is a crypto Jew.
  The individuals at the top levels of organised crime in NZ are crypto Jews.They will have an advantage over other criminals because they’ll be tipped off by crypto Jews within the police.The current Chief Police Commissioner Bush…is a crypto Jew.
  So India today is very likely to be controlled by crypto Jews,just like Western countries.
  Ditto China and quite possibly Japan….placed into position in the years following World War Two.
  So in NZ it will be Jews who are making most of the money out of the meth/p epidemic.
  Once you know how these fiends from hell operate…their built in hated and contempt for the host nation….nothing will stop their predation apon other people except brute force…
  Also worth reading on this website…are articles relating to Chinese crypto Jews. (“Kaifang Jews)…They’ll be found in the usual areas…Banking,Movie industry, Real Estate,Drug dealing….media.

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