Zio Guardian..part of the global Jewish network

  A class on Palestinians at a leading Californian university has been “suspended”…. Translated that means closed down.
  The Jews didn’t like the content of the class syllabus… It was anti Israel and anti semitic…or so they reckoned.
  But the shut down of free speech didn’t end there…The Guardian which is a Jewish owned and operated newspaper did what it usually does on these occasions…No comments allowed.
  Even dopey politically correct Guardian readers may begin to suspect something fishy is going on here.
  Jewish censorship of any article that does not meet with their approval.Even halfwit Guardian readers may be sufficiently well informed to know Jews control the media?!.
  Surely???…They must have heard about Cynthia Mekenna..the black congresswoman who was bundled out of the US govt after going on an aid flotilla.That is,the Jews poured massive amounts of money into funding Cynthia’s opponent….a Jew incidently.
  The good news is the Guardian readership figures are dropping year by year….so obviously a number of Guardian readers have figured out just how impartial the Guardian is…..not.

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