A very telling statistic.

  In Paul Craig Roberts latest article he mentions his readership (of his website,books etc) is far greater than that of the USA’s biggest and most influential newspaper…the NY Times.
  What does that tell you about the utter scumbags who run this parody of a newspaper!!!.
  Don’t expect The Guardian,The Times,The Telegraph or especially The Daily Mail to mention this fact…….Paul Craig Roberts does not exist in their eyes.
  If you want comment on 9/11 you dig out a two bit hack to rustle up a whole lot of lies and untruths….then mention the obligatory “conspiracy theories”.
   Fucking cunts
  Keep in mind that it is often mentioned that newspapers in Britain have members of MI5 on their staff…and if things get “tricky” they can always issue a D Notice forbidding publication… Just the sort of thing you’d expect in a democracy…like fucking hell.
  The above mention statistic about the sheer reach and popularity of Roberts website says a whole lot more about the state of journalism/the fourth estate in the US (and other Western countries) …than you would expect at first glance…it tells you that more and more people are figuring out that the media in the West has now turned into a lie machine…whose overriding objective is to manipulate public opinion rather than report events.
  Paul Craig Roberts is one of the very few people in Western countries who has the background which makes him a credible….believable… witness.
  Essentially he cannot be discredited by the usual means.
  Guess what…since he cannot be smeared in this manner…he can be “sent to Coventry”… The lowlife cunts in the MSM therefore make absolutely sure no comment is ever made about him.
  To do so would only increase his popularity and influence once readers checked his website out on the net…and the mofo’s in the MSM know it.

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