NZ SIS…running the far right

  They sort of use them as paid hitmen…when Kiwis exercise their right (fake) to “free speech”.

  Of course most of them have no idea about this.All the SIS has to do is to appeal to their patriotic instincts….spin them a good story…they’ll buy it because most of them are incapable of sussing out that there may be a ” greater agenda”.
  By using thugs like this…with the appropriate distancing from the SIS…they can purport to be an organisation which operates in a democracy…under the rule of law.
  Ultimately the SIS and outfits like MI5 operate to preserve the interests of the “one percent”…. Allowing Western countries to be flooded with millions of people from the third world…is NOT in the interests of the citizens of those countries…rather it serves the interests of the one percent…who have got big plans for the citizens of the west…only the citizens don’t have a clue about that.
  They believe,just for example,that Angela Merkel is stupid, dumb,hasn’t got a clue,a do gooder,suffering from a mental condition,incompetent. Which is just plain nonsense…she is highly intelligent and 101% sane and competent… she knows exactly what she is doing.

  There was a case in NZ a few years back,where some ” computer tapes” were stolen…something like that.Not too much later the individual at the center of the case had a very convenient traffic accident.Almost certainly the work of the “law abiding” NZSIS.

  With the dodgiest Prime Minister in NZs history given the easiest ride by the media in NZs history …in charge…abuses of “human rights” will only increase.
  John Key…the Zionist PM of NZ is exactly the wrong sort of person to be PM.
  Kiwis ought to be able to work that one out by the way he surrounds himself with a bodyguard of police henchmen…who routinely barge NZ citizens out of the way…they are “,less inclined to do so if surrounded by NZers” who might take exception to their tactics…so they reserve their fascist like tactics to where they can get away with it.Throwing a Kiwi out of a restaurant at the behest of Key…is just the ticket…no chance of a comeback on that one.
NZSIS agents…yeah….I know of a couple of them.One of them was shifted…thanks to the SIS hacking my phone.
  As has been mentioned by Paul Craig Roberts…the traditional freedoms of democracies have been eroded…and its getting worse.It looks like its all going to end up with a carbon copy of the former Eastern Bloc countries…with the secret police invading every citizens privacy…with thugs and bully boys doing their dirty work..nasty!.


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