How you know the ZOG govt is lying on immigration

  The Jewish controlled tells people that the population of Britain is X amount of people.
  But of course they’re lying…

  You can determine the approximate number of people living in a country by the amount of food consumed annually…this is precisely what has happened in Britain….there are MILLIONS more people living in Britain than the official figure suggests.
  New Zealanders can expect to be duped in the same manner…that is the official government estimate of the population of NZ will be a gross underestimation of the actual numbers….So the government is deliberately lying on the subject.

  All of this comes back to the unstated objective of multiculturalising Western countries.
  Keep in mind that it is not only central government that the Jews control…..just for example Phillip Goff will be the next mayor of Auckland…he is a Jew…the election has not taken place yet…but you can say with absolute confidence he has already got the job…AND it is not because he is the most competent either.
  Once Goff gets the job…he will then double up on his hugely inflated parliamentary pension combined with the huge mayoral salary.
  In this regard he is like Hillary Clinton…turning a government paid job into a money spinning venture..,.there are some reports that he was once a union official standing up for the ‘uman rights of oppressed workers…
  Goff is in fact a Jewish flimflam man…full of it.

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