News that is not actually news

  Investigative news that is actually not investigative news….
  Meet “the news” on NZ TV……perhaps one of the most Orwellian “news” services in the Western world.
  Even the presenters are in accord with the politically correct manifesto.”Newshub” is either presented by Jews,minorities or gays…..perfect.They smile inanely most of the time…then change their expression at the drop of the hat when mentioning ISIS bombing in Syria…but even this “news” is a parody of the “news”…. because anyone familiar with the real situation knows that ISIS is being run by the CIA/mossad.
  The idiotic morons they have reading the ” news” are vacuous 100% politically correct twats..
   You’ll see pictures of young children in Syria on the “news” suffering as a result of ISSI terrorism (the fuckwits reading the “news” may rustle up a tear or two at this point….a good pointer for NZers to follow suit)Never mind that the US and Britain waged an illegal war on Iraq based on a deliberate lie which resulted in thousands of such children being murdered. That event has already gone down the memory hole.
  What about “investigative news”….. Well how about the Australian film crew which went to Lebanon to steal children..or something like that.The ” news” has milked this to death…constantly rerunning garbage on the subject.
  What should these fucking idiots in NZ “news” be doing….
  Well what about the wholesale corruption in big business in NZ.
  …where NZers have been systematically fleeced of their public assets….by a small cabal of Jewish business men.
  Forget that one….What about the mass alien immigration into NZ about which NZers have never been consulted….ditto.
  Maybe genuine investigative journalists know the threats to their livelihood if they rock the boat…but more likely they are 100% in accord with the state broadcast Orwellian propaganda.Or perhaps they may be vaguely aware that they risk state sponsored thugs showing up for a bit of intimidation.The type of thugs and henchmen currently surrounding the Jewish prime minister Key every time he ventures out in public.
  If NZers want to have a better idea of what is taking place in the world and especially Washington they have to read websites like Paul Craig Roberts….simply to avoid the utter garbage dished up by NZ TV……The news is so bad it can be humorous. The most accurate part of the “news” is the weather forecast but even that is not 100% reliable.
  Several years back I decided to test the extent of Orwellian conditioning in broadcasting in NZ.Remember politically correctism trumps commonsense every time…
  The weather section of the “news” invited viewers to send in photographs of their region of NZ…which could be used as a backdrop.
  I sent a photo of the “Brancott Estate” in Marlborough.A vineyard where it is hard not to take a decent snap.
  BUT …..used the name “Mr Long Dong”… figuring that the PC idiots would be overjoyed that a minority is participating in glorious multiculturalism….
  Sure enough…..they announced on nationwide TV…..” Long Dong has sent in his photo of Marlborough vineyards”…..commonsense would have enabled them to determine that someone was pulling a fast one.
  An Orwellian state would have newsreaders like the two who routinely show up on “Newshub”.. a hard faced woman of Polynesian extraction and an immaculately coiffured feminised homosexual.Keep in mind the assault on sexual identity is part and parcel of the brave new world.
  Meantime they have yet another ” news” report about Helen Clark at the UN….a lesbian Jewess…perfect,absolutely 101% politically correct.
  …and what about the “vibrator scandal” at the UN…where Clark’s faulty mains powered vibrator short circuited the UN building power supply??….nothing,zip, mention of that little debacle in the “news”.

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