Breaking news Lockwood-Smiff

  Last week I had a “visit” from some bovver boys from the ruling elite show up.
  Turns out Lockwood Smiff the former NZ High Commissioner to London did not appreciate my remarks on his involvement with Cadburys (fudge division).

  Background information.

  Good old Locky is on a bit of a downer at the moment…returning to NZ after several years living the high life on the hogs back in London….it is not to his liking.
  Locky regards himself as a kiwi Renaissance man….rather than a
cow cocky.His high falutin’ poshy way of speaking and his extremely cultured choral crooning are the indicators giving the game away.
  So obviously an apology is in order….except he ain’t gettin’one..
  Rather than organising some hitmen…why doesn’t he sort it out himself…at Westpac….
  So now the source of these hoodlums is known…….
  If Lockwood Smith doesn’t like free speech he should fuck off and go and live in South America or something.
  He could sue of course,but one of these dubious benefits of being on the breadline…is,he would be shit out of luck on that one.
  When NZers forget their long held practice of knocking tall poppy assoles off their perch that will be the time that the one percent wins.
  NZs tallest poppy ever was Sir Ed Hillary….and what a truly great bloke he was too….riffraff politicians despised the world over,should be rediculed at every available opportunity just so they don’t get any big ideas above their station.
  Politicians have to be constantly watched….the price of freedom is eternal vigilance…. otherwise they’ll be breaking the law hiring thugs to do their dirty work for them.
  Smith is a “farmer “(his hired help does the work) in the Waikato.

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