Cultivating terror

  Lots of mention is made on the net about MI5s suspected role in cultivating terror incidences.
  Of course no “decent minded citizen” who reads the MSM and believes half the stuff in it would even consider that MI5 would ever be involved in fostering terror events.
  But then
again they would have no idea that Parker of MI5 is a Jew…as have been all the other heads of MI5.
  The public would certainly have no idea about the Jews long established practice of disguising their identity.
  How about the CIA and other criminal organisations in the US.
  The CIA has a Jew leading the organisation….
  Obviously to put a stop to all this Americans are going to have to elect a president who is not a Jew.But because the Jews now have a stranglehold on the US government….this option is now virtually impossible.
  If by the rarest chances a non Jew became president….that president would come under sustained attack by the Jewish media…undermining the presidency in the process.

  You are left with the option of a revolution to unseat the fiends from power.Were that to happen America would immediately start to benefit.Realistically America is going to spiral down into a full blown police state…the constitution becoming just a piece of paper.

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