Paul Henry….lunatic Jew (NZ)

  Henry is just another Jew in the media.
  He espouses all the correct views….
  More immigrants from the third world…..of course.
  In favour of foreign ownership of NZ assets….you bet.

  A Chinese company is buying up half of a NZ meat processing company?..The Jew couldn’t be in more favour of it.
  Jews totally dominate the NZ media and they are all pushing the same agenda.
  These racists are destroying the very identity of NZ…they have successfully shunted aside the influence of the christian basis of the country.
  The Jew Henry regularly makes asides against Jesus/Christianity.
  This is all typical of the crowing Jews in the ascendancy.
  Today the Jewish banker John Key is going to address the UN…its a joke of course.He is only in this position because he is a Jew.

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