Daily Mail very much part of Zionist propaganda

  This week they’re running a video clip of a Palestinian armed with a knife attacking Jew soldiers in Israel.
  He was shot of course….
The people reading the article will be thinking…”good job,got what he deserved,fucking terrorist”.
  Which is exactly what they supposed to think.
  What they won’t know is..
  It is very likely several members of the Palestinians family have been already killed by the Jews.
  The editor and most of the presstitutes at the Mail are Jews
  The British government is controlled by Jews.
  All the supermarket chains and newspapers are owned by Jews.
  The previous Prime Minister and very likely the current one are Jews.
  The governor of the Bank of England is an American Jew
  Most of the British ambassadors to important countries are Jews
  The Jews are responsible for importing millions of “Muslim terrorists” into Europe.
  The Jewish controlled western intelligence organisations,particularly the internal secret police have a jew heading them up.
  So all in all….a Daily Mail article like this is just what the doctor ordered.
  You’ll notice that no mention is ever made of the remarkable similarity between Robert Maxwells financial crimes and the current version carried out by the former owner of the BHS…now owner of a mega yacht in the Mediterranean.
  The Daily Mail could mention they are/were criminal Jewish businessmen….The Mail does not mention they are Jews.
  Instead the Mail plays a double game purporting to be backing the “common” man….
  The MAIL would NEVER identify the key players who have been responsible for flooding Britain with the third world.
  Thatcher…crypto Jew.  Blair crypto Jew  Cameron crypto Jew.

  The Spanish of 500 years ago discovered all about the Jews practice of hiding their true identity… Which is why they had a number of names for them.Conversos,crypto Jews, nueva Christians..Marranos.
  There is a crypto Jew editing the Daily Mail….thus a “rabid Muslim terrorist” attacking a poor long suffering Jew ( who just happens to be armed to the teeth with weaponry stolen from American taxpayers) is just the perfect propaganda piece….
  The reader won’t realise that the ethnicity flooding Europe with “Muslim terrorists”…is Jewish… they keep telling the public in Europe ” nothing can be done to stem the flow”.
  It is a fucking lie…the Jew controlled governments are sending their Navies to assist their arrival!!!!.
  Expect more “Muslim terrorist” stories from the cunt who edits the Mail…..along with the never ending crap about Nazis ….
  The Mail is nothing more than a zio-propaganda rag….which is stuffed into its pages along with the soul destroying garbage about celebrities….the latest example being the impending divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt…..Both of these fucking idiots are JEWS…101% Kosher…the Mail won’t be informing its readers of that fact either.

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