Disclosing vested interests.

    John Key NZs Jewish Prime Minister is talkin’ big at the UN…he is going on about Syria…this is a war planned sometime ago.The objective to destabilise the country, making it impossible for Syria to organise opposition to the Israeli occupation….
  Key along with Kerry (Marrano) know all about this stuff…their mates planned it!.
  In the interests of fair play Key should disclose he once donated $150,000 to a hospital in the racist state of Israel…
  Another Jew…Helen Clark facilitated the robbery of NZers assets by not taking action against Jewish financial criminals like Eric Watson,Fay Richwhite and the richest man and Jew in NZ Graeme Hart.
  Are you expecting the NZ media to expose any of this…well you can fucking forget that for starters.
  In a NZ “news” bulletin a report was made about the increasing number if foreign airlines flying into NZ……
  Strange don’t you think that one of those airlines…ElAl of Israel was NEVER mentioned!.
  The Jews completely control the NZ media.
  There are thousands of Jews living in NZ (I have been attacked by some of them).. Kiwis should observe as they gradually come out of the shadows….as their influence and power has grown exponentially over recent decades.
  The Israeli airline coming to NZ is a reliable indicator of the number of Jews in a country..
  Just for example…Israeli airlines have been flying to Slovenia for years…which means there are sizable numbers of Jews there..although officially they are invisible.
  The Jews airlines flying into Eastern Europe can be used to bring East European girls to what amounts to a white slave trade operating in Israel…Jews run brothels in Israel exclusively staffed by European women.
  This should come as no surprise…Jews ran the white slave in Europe….These are FACTS …which unsurprisingly are NOT mentioned in the media…the Jews own it.

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