NZ 7th most happiest nation in the world

  These news releases are obviously being dreamt up in the backrooms of parliament (Ministry of propaganda).
  Another one is “NZ has a rock star economy”. (extremely pathetic)
  Some of the happiest NZers in the country will be the Jewish financial criminals….after all they stole hundreds of millions of dollars without being arrested.
  Graeme Hart,Fay and Richwhite and of course EricWatson …he even celebrated his success in stealing millions and millions of dollars from unhappy investors in his crooked company.He spent some pocket money in Istanbul (500,000).His partner in crime skipped town and set up shop in Sydney along with his Jewess wife.
  It might be better to rank NZ as the ” 7th most Orwellian Jew controlled nation in the world”.
  The Delegat Jews will be as happy as Larry after their spectacular subversion of the NZ justice system.The judge presiding over the case will be happy too….with his retirement fund considerably boosted.

  Then there is the brutal thug cop Derek Shaw successfully evading  the law by assaulting a law abiding member of the public…no worries.
  The crooked Freemasons must be overjoyed that one of their shacks has not yet gone up in a conflagration….yet.

  With a vast wealth gap now present in NZ you wonder how much longer they’ll be able to get away with this rubbish.A few more years of bombarding Kiwis with Jewish produced American TV shows…may well do the trick….that is turn NZers into idiots incapable of recognising a cunt when they see one….like the two Jews currently running for president.

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