Theresa May pledges 100 million pounds on immigration

  She reckons Somalians will be returned to Somalia….blah blah blah…..
  Its all nonsense designed for consumption by the public in Britain because she knows there are undercurrents in Britain which only need a spark to ignite.

  Meantime in the real world the British navy,ordered by Mays government….is actually assisting the arrival of third world immigrants into Britain.
  Basically nothing the British government says can be believed anymore for the simple reason public opinion is now clashing with the unspoken agenda of the government.
  First people in Britain have to realise that the secret police,MI5 is not serving the people of Britain but rather the elites objectives….
  Like in a communist country these cunts invade the privacy of everyone.
  If you speak up about having your country invaded with illegal immigrants… WILL be subject to the attention of these swine.
  Watch how May keeps allowing the invaders entry…just watch.

  Everyone knows it could all be stopped with decisive action…every sensible person KNOWS IT…..!.
  Not every “sensible person” knows there is a secret agenda to allow it.

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