This is the Jewish elite handiwork.

  The Jewish elite who have taken over NZ have allowed tens of thousands of third world aliens to pour into NZ…only NZers have not woken up to that fact.
  They have destroyed the old NZ and are now going about wrecking the country…The Jews are a while lot richer for it…but the average NZers quality of life is affected.
  Here is just one example of the type of people the Jews are bringing into NZ.
  In a recent court case a Congolese women… “A refugee” from that country in central Africa (the whole country could qualify as refugees…they have been killing each other for decades) was accused of torturing her daughter in a variety of ways…like subjecting her to freezing cold baths….
  REASON:Her daughter is supposed to be a witch….
   The Jews in the media will not allow discussion about the real impact on NZ….just wait…in a few decades the full damaging effects will hit home hard….

  By then….that fact that NZ used yo have a murder rate of two a year will be regarded as a myth…looking at the past through rose coloured spectacles.Jewish academics will be telling the public “statistics don’t reveal the real actuality”.
  Jewish academics will have completely displaced Europeans from the universities….like has happened in the US.

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