Fijian Muslim exploits young NZ teenagers

  Ah the Glories of multiculturalism which the Jewish run media keeps promoting.
  Young Maori girls are being exploited by being used as prostitutes.
  QUESTION:Where are the Maori leaders who preoccupy themselves with land rights …This exploitation is happening right now….today.They could at least hunt down the pimps who are making money from this…and it is highly unlikely to be “pakehas” doing it.
  All of this stems from the Jewess Helen Clark’s decision to legalise prostitution…..against the wishes of the vast majority of NZers.
  Is NZ destined to follow the outrage in Britain where immigrants from Pakistan have raped countless young British girls and the authorities did nothing about it.
  Then there is The Greens… The political party dedicated to alleviating human suffering and exploitation…or so they reckon. What are they doing about this situation!…nothing,zero,zip,Nada,FuckAll.
  Their stupidity is legendary…all of this was entirely foreseeable.. Prostitution acts as magnet to criminals…just like gambling.It is no coincidence that prostitution is rife in Las Vegas….the Jewish owned gambling mecca.

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