Helen Clark grilled at the UN

  The zio news media is going overboard with talk about Clark’s trials and tribulations trying to get the top job.
  The media studiously avoids the exploding vibrator scandal… You’ll notice.
  They American FBI reckons Clark’s “deluxe super jumbo” vibrator may have been bugged by the Chinese at a factory in Shanghai….which in turn stuffed up the wiring, paving the way for a shutdown of the UN buildings electrical system.
  Another theory put forward is that Clark was using the mains powered vibrator on the “Super Oscillate” setting for too long…causing overheating.
  Not that it matters much…there is a blanket ban on reporting the event.
  Although Clark’s secretary has issued a statement saying “Helen Clark will be in future,employing the standard ” double banger” strap on which does not require batteries….”its better for the environment ” is the sales pitch.

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